Why is it so difficult to lose weight?


Most of us have felt that losing weight is a struggle and something that cannot be sustained since it is always an uphill battle.
Today we will discuss the 5 main reasons why this is the case and how Ketontrack can help you in making this an enjoyable journey not only to lose weight but to reach overall health.

Finding comfort in food when sad or stressed

This is probably the most common of all the cases. Life is rarely a peaceful journey. In today’s fast paced world there is always something or someone that could be stressing us. Or maybe there are events in our life or people relations that left us sad and feeling alone. Food is in these cases our “best” friend. And this is by no accident. There are hormones that get triggered when eating which control satisfaction or the lack of.

Struggling to continue a weight lose program after an off day

Had an off day and then came to the conclusion that everything is lost and you need to restart all over again?
You are probably a person who can’t get stopped when you get going. You are very organized and focused! It is important to realize that losing weight is a long journey towards changing lifestyle habits. Days off depending on the diet are even suggested and are beneficial for many reasons.

Low confidence

If you are one of those people who have tried many diets and have been in this roller coaster of losing kilos only to gain them back, then you are bound to start something new with skepticism. And you would be correct. The word diet is used as a short-term change of eating habits to achieve a certain weight lose goal. This is the wrong approach. Diets should be about making long term changes in your eating habits till the point that these are part of who you are.
Bottom line – avoid any 4-6-8 week diet like the plague!

No understanding of the science behind losing weight

Following a 6-meal day plan that you found online?
Is it working, but you are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain it? Losing kilos is not the end-goal. Not putting them on again is what you are after! And you need to start gaining an understanding of how everything you eat affects you, how food combinations work and how your body makes use of the food you eat. There are many sources these days where you can get a well rounded opinion. You should also invest some time understanding nutritional aspects. Knowledge is the key.

No objectives set

This is especially true when you are bored. Do you just wander around the house aimlessly looking for something to kill your time? Do you end up in front of the fridge and start snacking even if you’re not hungry?
Setting short-term achievable goals can help keep you focused and avoid procrastination. Find something that excites you and that you really want to achieve, that you never had the time or energy to start. Spend your time on this goal, live, breathe and make it happen. You will probably realize that time gaps will disappear and food won’t be a time killer anymore.

How Ketontrack can help you

Ketontrack can help you by changing your lifestyle habits.
With Ketontrack you will get a personalised weekly schedule with new objectives for every week which will ensure that you are focused and have the right sense of achievement in every step you take towards better health.
The Ketontrack approach will also help you take one step at a time and will help you understand why we are doing what we are doing.
Most importantly, we believe in personal communication. Every week you will be able to discuss in detail your challenges with us and we will together adjust accordingly. We will answer any questions you have or propose alternatives in case something is not working out. We will be there with you along your journey!

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