What we Do

We get your life back on track

What we do

Lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle with 5 areas of focus

Nutrition & Fasting

Low-carb/keto, fasting and a nutritional dense diet is all your body need


Improve performance, energy levels and cognitive function by optimising the enviroment around you and inside you


Regenerate your body and mind every night with deep, quality sleep





Exercise like your life depends on it


Choose any of the following programs that fits best your level and goals

Personal Coaching


Online Courses

Group Courses

Our Approach

We are personally engaged

Real health can be the missing key to unlock everything you want to achieve in life. Most people approach a health practitioner after they already have issues and in most cases they are offered with relief treatments that do not address the root cause. 

Being healthy means to be full with energy every day, not being limited by disease, reduced cognitive function, inflammation, reduced mobility or bad habits. Only then real health is reflected into other areas of our life. How we feel, how we look, how much energy we have. At ketOntrack we want you to be thriving and running after your dreams! And we can help you achieve that!

Whether you have : lack of focus, lack of energy, pre-diabetes, leaky gut, brain fog, acne and skin issues, hormone imbalances, sleep problems,
we can help you to address the root cause, and bring once again balance to your hormones, and give your body all the power to function optimally.

You don’t need to reseach for hours, stubble into pitfalls and spend money left and right to get the right answers. We will bridge the gap for you and provide you all the knowledge needed.

We strongly believe that the process of transforming your lifestyle can only be successful when you start to look into all aspects of your lifestyle and habits. For this reason we will look into 5 different pillars we consider critical and work with you step-by-step to lead a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.


vision & Mission

How you will achieve optimum health

Health means something completely different to everyone. Your values, goals and requirements are individualised. 

We understand that, so we will go with your own pace. There is no need to rush through things. We will help you experience, learn and establish the right health habits in a step-by-step approach. There is no gain (only harm) to reach your weight goal if you are to put all the kilos back on. 

ketOntrack is unique. We don’t just give you advice or videos to watch alone. We will walk with you your journey until you have reached your goals and established the right habits but most importantly learned by experience that this journey is only a benefit for you.


How to start 

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We will then start to work together to achieve one-by-one the objectives of the series. Which goes beyond our time together. There is a lot of hands-on work. 

But not only. We will empower you with the knowledge, that will become your lifestyle foundation for the rest of your life. We will deliver it in a language and method which works best for you and which you easily understand and can explain to someone else.