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Welcome to KetOntrack


Hello everyone!

This being the first official post, I would like to welcome you to KetOntrack. It is still early days but we have been working hard to get this off the ground and you will soon be able to get all the content you ever needed to transform your lives.

What should you expect in the next days?

First of all, we have already been working with selected friends who want to change their lives and who found the ketontrack idea exciting. You will be hearing from them soon, introducing themselves and providing you with all the updates on how they are doing, their challenges and learnings. Based on this feedback we are already creating sets of guidelines, plans and suggestions fine-tuned for each person and where he or she is in their journey and what goals they want to achieve.

Secondly, there will be weekly posts published based on the questions that we will be recieving. In this way we are aiming to already start creating customized content which directly helps you have clarity on how you can improve your health and be sure that you are on the right track. It is sometimes only the fear of the unknown that is preventing us from reaching our goals so we intend to shed light in all areas where we need more clarity. Maybe we will get a bit scientific sometimes but this is only because we want to back up everything that you will be hearing from us. Your feedback and comments are most valuable and we will be taking them very seriously.

Finally, we will be working in the background to start introducing features to our site that will help start building the ketOntrack community and collaboration.

If you would be interested to participate into the first set of transformations and contribute building the ketontrack services, feel free to contact us!

Let the journey begin!

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