carnivore vs vegan


carnivore vs vegan
vegetable vs meat, vegan concept 3d illustration

There seems to be war going-on! Pieces of meat and fruit are flying around! Keep your heads low! Carnivore vs Vegan. So confusing. What is really healthier? Is there one definite answer?

Although I am very strong believer of a healthy keto diet, my view is simply, no !

The simple reason is that most of us (myself included) are approaching this from a scientific perspective, however we need to accept that we still in the learning phase. There is not too much research yet out there since most of the advocates of one or other diet are in the 20s,30s,40s. We are all guinea-pigs in a world that is still changing very fast (and not in a better way unfortunately at least from a dietary perspective). How can we statistically be so confident when the sample size is so small?

Hence, i think we need to go back in time and get our sample from the generations that have past. I come from a Mediterranean country and although I am a city boy, I grew-up in way similar as the people in Ikaros, one of the Blue Zone areas where people have the longest life expectancy. Eating whole foods, no processed/packaged and with a variety of legumes, while fish and meat was always nose-to-tail. And most of our ancestors independent of where you are had similar diets. So i will go with that. Not very scientific but the sample size is a few hundreds years big at least.

Even in most scientific research taking place around health you will mostly find a disclaimer. “Too less is not good for you, but too much probably not either”. There needs to be a balance in the way we live, and some of us spend their life-time looking for it

Why so many people have health issues?

Maybe the reason lies somewhere else. May indeed the humans as species have lost their balance and are becoming weaker.

  • People are increasingly leaving sanitary lifes, stuck on a chair during the day and on a couch during the evenings.
  • Diets have been on a weekly (even daily) basis including take-aways and packaged food.
  • Connection with the environment and our Circadian rhythm is almost gone. In our youth most of us were partying during the night and sleeping during the day, while in the adulthood we are lucky if we see the light of the sun when leaving the office.
  • Our lifes are fully of stress, and not the right one kind of stress. Stress from society, from work, from over-information. We are never taking a breather, relax and just enjoy being here.

I am exaggerating a bit of-course but how far is this description from the truth? Is the situation getting better?

If you agree with the above, you might also find interesting that this change has mostly taken place in the last 100 years. This is too fast from an evolutionary perspective. Is it really that our race has become so sensitive and defenseless to the environment or has the environment changed so much? Probably both, but whatever the case may be the answer is same as when an athlete is not performing.

Go back to basics!

  • Hydrate
  • Sleep plenty
  • Eat only whole foods which you know their origin, don’t come in a package and you cook yourself.
  • Take some time to meditate, and eat always together with your friends and family.

If you are interested in doing a health cyclica diet, have a look at the Ketontrack Pyramid and get in contact to start with a simple introduction programme.

I would also like to take the opportunity to give you a sneak peak on a little project we are working at Ketontrack. In our recent trip at Naxos we had the opportunity and luck to spend time with the local community and I personally was fascinated with the connection that the older generation has to the traditions, the depth of knowledge they carry and how much we can still learn from them. And so we have been working some them, to bring to life and share with all of you some their memories and experiences on how a healthy nutritional diet should be structured.

Σαν έμπεις μες στο μαερειό, κι ανοίξεις το τσικάλι, όλες οι γεύσεις του νησιού, θα σου ‘ρθουνε και πάλι !!

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