Sleep – Introduction

Sleep Series - Introduction

Sleep is the foundation for good health

Welcome to the Sleep Series!!

We are excited to be part of your journey, in your new way of life and here to help you the best way possibe!

I have to admint that the Sleep series , is the most difficult one of the ketOntrack series from the perspective of appreciating the power of sleep and how profound benefits it can have in our longevity. And for most of us the habits that we have associated with sleep are sometimes very difficutl to change or take some time to adjust and see the beneficial effects of them. But as with everything we do in KetOntrack we will take it step-by-step and at your own pace. 

During these 6 weeks you will:

  • Start by establishing the right morning routine. A good night sleep start already in the morning!
  • Tune-in with your circadian rythm and establish the right sleeping routine that works for you.
  • Adjust you sleeping environment to be relaxing and prepare you for a good sleep.
  • Try out different techniques to release tension and stress which so often are preventing us from sleep.
  • Learn about the key matrices of measuing a good sleep such as HR and HRV.
  • Learn about the relation between nutrition and supplements with good sleep.

Imagine the below advertisement

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer, dementia as well colds and flu. It lowers the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. Are you intrested?

This is not a magic pill but the proven benefits of sleep. 

From “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker

Our Approach

Changing habits for a lifetime can be very challenging at times, so we will take it slowly but it will require a certain level of commitment

We think that it is not only about your commitment. It is also our commitment. 


Are you committed?

We are if you are!!!

Investing in your life is the best thing you can do!

Sleep Series breakdown

Weekly Objectives
  • Week 1 – Starting the day
  • Week 2 – Tune-in with your circadian rythm
  • Week 3 – Preparing your environment
  • Week 4 – Be relaxed and manage stress 
  • Week 5 – Lowe your Heart Rate
  • Week 6 – Increase your HRV
Sleep  status questionnaire

One of the key success factors of achieving any goal is to track your progress regularly and with as much details as possible. Take the time to fill out the below your Health and sleep status.

We will focus on addressing some of the topics as part of the Sleep serie, so try to note in your journal on a weekly basis how you feel.

KetOntrack will provide to you on a Weekly basis
  • One-2-one meeting with your coach to review your progress, difficulties and discuss next steps.
  • Weekly guidelines and detailed do’s and dont’s.
  • Weekly documents to review to deepen you understanding and science on the topic of the week. If interested also suggestions on books are provided.
  • Weekly challenges to change your habits
  • Availability for questions and clarifications via chat and social media.
  • Eating tips, recipes and if required weekly meal plans. (we don’t believe in detailed meal plans, but we can help you to get started). This applies to a less extend for the sleep series but we will be discussing about nutrition in week 5.
  • Your Google Drive folder for tracking your progress, and to have all your docs stored in one location.
  • You can also contribute with your own progress posts and recipes! Writing these posts will help you and more important also others!
Some pre-requisites before starting

There are no pre-requisites to start the series, but

  • There will be some costs involved
  • It will be required to have some time flexibility to allow to adjust your schedule. Remember : Sleep is your priority now!!
You will need the following tools during the next weeks
  • Keep a daily blog ito allow for self-reflection and an open discussion with your coach.
  • Purchase a sleep tracking device We are suggesting as the best device Oura or the latest MiBand 6
  • You will need to potentially purchase some supplements as agreed with your coach.
  • We suggest that you purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses
  • We suggest that you purchase a white light bulbs with dimmers.
  • We suggest that you purchase a matress that regulates temperature such as the ChiliPad
Disclaimer: KetOntrack suggests these tools and devices as we believe in them. We used them ourselves and also other customers made use of these tools, and we see clear benefits in tracking to become aware what you eat and to use devices which help you to measure your body stats!

Let's get started!