The Sleep Series 1

The Sleep Series

The Sleep Series

In the Sleep series we focus on tuning-in with our circadian rythm, improving sleep patterns. This series is probably the most challenging and difficult to address. Most people find very difficult to change their sleeping habits, even more than the eating ones.
This is why you need to commit that this is your priority for the next six weeks.

Realise that proper sleep is the key to unlock many other aspects of health. Have you ever gone without sleep for 2-3 days? Can you imagine how would you feel? Sleep helps with energy, weight loss, stress, recovery and even longevity.

You will also be learning how to breathe properly as a mechanism to relax and calm down. So many people have developed chronic issues and bad sleep, due to improper breathing.

Imagine that you could:

The Approach

The Sleep series has a duration of 6 weeks and during these weeks you should expect to

The Series Breakdown

Weekly Objectives


Getting a good night sleep starts already from the morning. Establish a morning routine and discover your ideal sleeping window.


Tune-in with your circadian rhythm and establish the right sleeping routine.

Week 3 – Preparing your environment

The right environment is critical for sending your body the right signals for relaxing and sleeping.

Week 4 - Nose BreathinG

Proper breathing can make all the difference in your sleep and will allow you to drop your HR and get proper sleep.

Week 5 – Its all about MELATONIN

Life can be stressful and continuous stress will reflect in the quality of your sleep.

Week 6 – Putting all together

Recover and increase your Heart rate variability.                                

Will be provided on a Weekly basis

Tools Required

A sleep tracking device will be required. We suggest that you invest in a device such the Sleepon that will allow you and your coach to get the right insights. 

Keeping a daily blog is important to allow for self-reflection and an open discussion with your coach.

Improvements will need to be made to your sleeping environment and you need to upgrade certain things in your bedroom. 

The Mantra sleeping mask is an important tool to ensure total darkness. 

Block the harmful blue light by wearing Blublox glasses.

  • A full-spectrum UV Light
  • An air ionizer
  • EMF Protection

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