The Nutrition Series 2

The Nutrition Series

The Nutrition Series 2

Do you feel that you need to change something in your life but your are not sure what?

Living Better means having the energy to enjoy life and achieving the goals you are envisaging for yourself. We can help you to understand the science behind nutrition, understand and transform habits, change your daily practice forever.

During the 6 weeks you will:

This series , is a continuation of Nutrition series 1.

The Approach

Changing habits for a lifetime can be very challenging at times, so we will take it slowly but it will require a certain level of commitment. We think that it is not only about your commitment. It is our commitment as well. That you experience the change and make it part of your life.



Fact Based Approach

Our commitment is to introduce you to the science behind everything we learn each week and understand why these changes are mandatory in an easy way so you can have the confidence and urge to keep going.

Quick Feedback and Personalization


We recognise that everyone has a different background and needs so we will tailor the weekly schedule to your own personal needs. We are also available to answer all the questions you might have through the various communication channels either the weekly consultation meetings, or any of the social media.

Investing in your life is the best thing you can do!

The Series Breakdown

Weekly Objectives

WEEK 1 - Keto week

A full week of keto with some delicious recipes.

WEEK 2 - 18-hour Fast (2-meals)

Being in ketosis means having the energy to run with your own fuel for longer. 18-hour fasting makes everything easier!

WEEK 3 - Genes and nutrition

Understand the influence of genes to our life and how nutrition help to gene expression through epigenetics.

WEEK 4 - Auto-immunE AND anti-nutrients

Become aware of the various food toxicities and learning about strategies about how to negate some of those negative effects when it comes to nutrient absorption.


Following an OMAD liefstyle makes most people feel complete freedom. Have more time to follow your goals.

WEEK 6 - Supplementation 

Learn about supplements that support critical functions of the body like detoxification, nutrient absorbtion.

Will be provided on a Weekly basis

Series structure

Every week (on Day 1) you will have a weekly online meeting with your coach at a mutually agreed day and time. During the meeting the objectives of the previous week will be reviewed and the next steps will be discussed. The content and objectives for the next week will be made available via email the day before.


Before you start the Nutrition series 2 you should be comfortable with

Tools Required

You will be using Cronometer on a daily basis to track your meals. A pro-account will be required.

Keeping a daily blog is important to allow for self-reflection and an open discussion with your coach.

Purchase a Keto-Mojo device to keep track of your glucose and ketone levels. 

Purchase a body composition scale which, next to weight, is also is able to measure your fat, muscle percentage and more, is highly recommended. 

You will need to perform a full blood test. It would be a good idea to have a doctor which supports your lifestyle and is doing preventive bloods tests.

You will need to potentially purchase some supplements as agreed with your coach.

A DNA test with SelfDecode will identify any potential genetic short-comings and points of attention.  

The series introduces simple yoga based movements, so purchasing a yoga mat would come in handy

Personalised Coaching & Engagement

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