Cooking made easy

Cooking and meal prep. made easy

If you feeling overwelmed to cook every day at home this article is for you. Cooking should be a fun and creative experience and not a tiresome practise. And it is possible to have a perfect meal in under an hour or even 30 minutes. All it takes some planning. Here are some simple rules.

Plan ahead of time

  • Download the ketOntrack grocery list
  • Think ahead and note some ideas for meals for the next week. Decide now so you can avoid many trips to the grocery You can always change the meal order, but let’s buy everything we need already.
  • During the week, you should plan some one-pot foods. These might take longer but you can prepare enough to have for the next day. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Go to your local grocery shop and have some fun!
  • For meat and fish get to know the owner of the butcher. It is important to the find-out where is the meat sourced from. 
  • Ask your butcher to cut the meat into pieces and prepare the meat. He can do it a lot faster than you so you save a lot of time already.

Store your food

  • Meat and fish can easily be stored in the refrigerator, so go ahead and put all of them there.
  • Wash you veggies, dry them and store them in the low part of the fridge by folding them in some paper or a breathable cloth. They will keep a lot longer this way.
  • Veggies like parsley, celery, etc can be thinlly sliced and stored in some tapperware. You can then easily use them when needed at any point in the week.

Meal preparation

  • Have a big-big plate next to your cutting board. All the remains of what you chop (onions/garlic etc) goes there, You dont move around and can throw everything together at the end.
  • Bring your food at room temperature. Especially meat and fish will cook a lot better and faster when already at room temperature.


  • Break down in your head the cooking into phases. How long does each part of the meal take? Start with the part which takes longer. After you start with the first step you can move on to the second part.
  • Avoid using more pots than necessary. These are the most messy to clean!
  • If you find you have trouble to keep-up or you are afraid that you will burn something, just take it out of the heat until you are ready.
  • In between each phase take a minute to put what you can in the washing washine. Even with a simple meal you can leave a very messy kitchen if not careful !!!
  • Use the least pots possible. For example. If you are browning your meat and want then to cook some onions, then place the meat into a plate and use the same pot for the onions. More flavour for your food! The meat can go back and the plate in directly in the washing machine.

Above all, have FUN!!!