Nutrition I – Week 4

Nutrition Series 1

Eat foods, which resemble how they look in nature

Nature doesn’t put food in packets!

Week 4 - Whole foods

Your progress

Nutrition I - week 4


You’re a star – you made it already half way through the Nutritional series 1.

Last week was preparing your Intermittent Fasting journey by starting to remove snacks between meals and focusing on the right moments to eat. Now it is time to start tweaking your daily diet a bit further.


We are still taking it slow, as your body is already getting a lot to deal with and adjust to. It might be easy or difficult for you, but trust us it will become easier over time!!!

Keep it up – you are one a roll!!


What to expect

This week will probably require some planning ahead of time and experimentation. Since we are not snacking anymore it should not be a big deal to not have any packaged food in the house. Preparing a salad every day takes some-time so try to consider your schedule.




So It’s time to clean the pantry from processed food – and although it might look like wasting food, not having ‘bad food’ in your home will help you to stick to your routines. But before you throw it away we added a challenge for you to check the labels on each package, it will open your eyes! 


You will learn how to quickly prepare delicious meals in under an hour by following some simple tips and having a lot of fun!

General notes

  • Keep following week 1 health guidelines and read every day for 10 minutes the provided reading suggestions. 

  • Keep a journal – Spend 5 minutes each day to summarize your day and feelings by writing one short paragraph (see below). It will help you put things in perspective, identify what your current habits are, and allow you to focus on your goals.

  • Continue tracking all your meals in Cronometer. This will allow us to review closely your eating habits and adjust accordingly. Upload pictures of your meals in Cronometer.
We will keep emphasizing these points as they are very important!

Are you aware of?

What do you considered processed foods?

Why you feel hungry relatively soon after eating processed food?

Do you think getting takeaway is quicker than cooking proper food?

Week 4 Objectives

Let's get rid of processed food

(and replace with proper food)

Now it’s time to add quite a few more guidelines, these are more helping you planning your meals, preparing for intermittent fasting

  1. Clean the pantry – Remove all processed/packaged/deep fried food (Fries, Fast food, Jams, Coke zero, gummi bears, ham, salami, mayo, sauces, juices etc.). from your meals.
  2. Meals – Meals should be enjoyable and keep you satisfied but not full.
  3. Eat Liver –  Eat once a week beef liver (150-200gr). Not more unless you distribute the amount in more days.
  4. Salads – Have a bowl of salad (greens and vegetables) with one of your meals every day. Buy enough greens and salad to last a week. It should be fresh and where possible organic.
  5. Alcohol – If possible, don’t drink any alcohol, but at least keep alcohol to max 1-2 glasses of wine for the whole week. Always with your meal. If you need a drink in the evening experiment with some new tea flavors!

Keep your guidelines from previous weeks , No snacking and Hydration, 3 meals and ACV 

Weekly Challenges

  1. Go to your local super market and try to find 2 packaged food which do not have any any added sugars or other ingredients. Take some pics and make a post on the Facebook ketOntrack discussion group. You will be surprised how challenging this might be!
  2. Clean your fridge/pantry. Post a picture of what you have collected. Awareness is half of the success while being open with your thoughts and experiences is the other half.

Suggested reading

Following articles we suggest you to read to get a better understanding to the weekly series


If you have any questions you can always reach out to your coach or check the Nutrition Series 1 FAQ.


Preparation for week 5

Go once more through your pantry and see if you can identify more unhealthy foods (carbs)

As this week is about processed food, next week we are going to dig a bit deeper into reducing carbs, which for the body is considered suger! 


Suggested Recipes

Input and feedback week 4

Tracking your progress on a daily basis will keep you honest, and make you aware of your habits but also challenges.

We suggest you keep a journal, you have the choice how to do this, either by the booklet we provided or online in a spreadsheet. However we ask you to provide your feedback in your personal Google Sheets file, which is useful to have an overview and allows your coach to review your contributions before the weekly meeting. You can find the link to your personal sheet in your account page!