Nutrition I – Week 3

Nutrition Series 1

Intermittent Fasting is at its best a healthy lifestyle which asks the human body

to be much more efficient and self-protective than it is accustomed to being in modern times

Week 3 - First steps to Intermittent Fasting

Your progress

Nutrition I - week 3


After week 1 and 2 you learned that hydration is important and that you should avoid snacking between meals to control your Insulin levels.




In week 3, your journey continues, as we enter the wonderful world of fasting! Have you heard of what fasting is? What are the benefits?


Fasting is the time period when you are not eating. For most people this is the timeframe from the last meal in the evening to the next meal in the day. If you eat late in the evening and first thing in the morning then the fasting window is around 10 hours. This unfortunately is not long enough to bring the benefits we are looking for.


So, we start with some small adjustments to the meal timing and prepare you for adapting your diet in the next weeks. For this coffee and the right level of proteins will help you. 


Be honest to yourself in what you eat and when you eat.


Don’t try to change too many habits in the first weeks but take it slow, the series will guide you!

Are you aware of?

When is usually your first and last meal?

Are you hungry in those times?

Where do you usually have these meals? Standing in the kitchen, in-front of the TV?

What to expect

Expect to learn that there are great benefits from laying-off foods for a few hours and maybe one of the most powerful things you can do for your health.


It might be a challenge for you to abstain from food but very soon it will become easier.  


Expect to feel lighter and with more energy as the days go by and you start adapting to the schedule. 


Also we are still taking it slow, so you will be able to adjust gradually. 


And as you most likely will start losing weight, you will see this is one of the best motivators!!


Finally, please note the article on B3. From this week onwards you will learn a lot about how to support proper nutrition and we will have some recipes to go along with that. 


Have fun!


General notes

  • Keep a journal and spend 5 minutes each day to summarize your day and feelings by writing one short paragraph. It will help you put things in perspective, identify what your current habits are, and allow you to focus on your goals.
  • Read every day for 10 minutes of the provided content. 
  • Track all your meals in Cronometer. This will allow us to review closely your eating habits and adjust accordingly.
We will keep emphasizing these points again as they are very important!

Week 3 Objectives

12-14 hour Intermmitent Fasting

This week’s objective is to continue with 3 meals a day and compress a bit our eating window by have our first meal a bit later than usual and the last one a bit earlier than usual. We are aiming for a 12-14 hour fasting window 

Step 1: Try to break your fast later than usual by having your first meal of the day 1-2 hours after waking-up. Don’t try to stretch it too much already, we will work towards longer fasts over time. Again, Rome wasn’t build in one day either!

Step 2 : Have your last meal no later than 7-8pm. 


  • Drink a cup of black coffee after 1-2 hours after waking-up. 
  • Try not to rush any of the meals. Sit down and take your time. Enjoy at least on the meals of the day with your friends and family when possible.
  • This week also start tracking your  weight on a daily basis. Tracking of metrics is as important as your journal to understand what effect do the changes we make have on us.
  • Each meal should keep you going until the next one so eat until satisfied (but not full). 
  • Before each meal drink a full glass of water with some ACV
  • As last week ensure in your eating window have 3 meals and at this point in time it is important not to reduce your calories.
  • Instead you should try to ensure you get the right amount of protein every day and all the Vitamin B3 you need.

Suggested reading

Following articles we suggest you to read to get a better understanding to the weekly program


If you have any questions you can always reach out to your coach or check the Nutrition Series 1 FAQ.


Preparation for week 4

Plan for some time at home for preparing food

Next week try to arrange your schedule in a way that will allow you prepare your food. We will discuss some simple techniques on how to best optimize your time in the kitchen, but some planning ahead of time might be required.



Suggested Recipes

Input and feedback week 3

Tracking your progress on a daily basis will keep you honest, and make you aware of your habits but also challenges.

We suggest you keep a journal, you have the choice how to do this, either by the booklet we provided or online in a spreadsheet. However we ask you to provide your feedback in your personal Google Sheets file, which is useful to have an overview and allows your coach to review your contributions before the weekly meeting. You can find the link to your personal sheet in your account page!