Nutrition I – Week 1

Nutrition Series 1

Every journey begins with the first step and it is great to support you.
We will do everything possible to make sure you enjoy every step of your transformation.
This is our mission!

Week 1 - Hydration

Your progress

Nutrition I - week 1


In this first week you will learn about hydration and why this is important. This is the basis for the program on changing your nutritional habits! It might seem challenging, but Rome was also not built in 1 day! 


Don’t try to change too many habits in the first week but take it slow,

the Nutrition I series will guide you!


Are you aware of?

How much water or other drinks do you have?

How do you start your day?

Do you usually feel dehydrated? 

What to expect

By drinking enough water you will make sure your body stays hydrated. One of the key changes most likely is that you will learn to start the day with 2 glasses of water the moment you get out of bed, this is to recover from the dehydration during your sleep.

Also, you will become aware of what you eat and when you eat. This understanding is key to adjust and adapt.

We are taking it slow for starters, it will become more challenging over time, but due to the pace of the series you will be able to introduce each change naturally!

General notes

  • Keep a journal and spend 5 minutes each day to summarize your day and feelings by writing one short paragraph. It will help you put things in perspective, identify what your current habits are, and allow you to focus on your goals.
  • Read every day for 10 minutes of the provided content.

Week 1 Objectives

Stay Hydrated

First we are going to ensure that you will drink enough, to be hydrated. This will help to overcome the ‘hunger feeling’ in the next weeks. 

  • When you wake-up, drink 2 glasses of water before doing anything else. This will keep you hydrated and get your system going. 
  • Add a pinch of salt and some fresh lemon juice. Salt is very important to keep hydrated since good salt has the full spectrum of minerals.
  • Room temperature or warm is best. 
  • Don’t drink water at the same time / during your meal. It prevents digestive juices which slows digestion. Drink water 30 minutes before your meal or 2 hours after.
  • It is key that you drink enough water during the day, and try to avoid any other, often sugary, drinks like soda’s, fruit juice, etc.
  • Coffee and tea are a good addition to drinking water, but drink them without sugar or milk.

Suggested reading

Following articles we suggest you to read to get a better understanding to the weekly program and help along your journey.

Preparation for week 2

1. Buy a bottle of biological Apple-Cider-Vinegar : We will explain the benefits of ACV next week. Here is our suggested product.

2. Buy a notebook for tracking your daily notes. : This is key to help you understand your journey.

 3. Create an account with Cronometer  

This will be the main tool you will be using on a daily basis to track not only what you eat but also other metrics. Start noting everything you eat and when you eat it. Tracking your food intake will give you an understanding of the calories you consume and associated nutrients. This is not intended to be an exact measurement but will give you an idea of what nutritional value each source has.

Cronometer comes with a free account, but in order to benefit from all the relevant features, we suggest to get a gold account. In a later stage (Nutrition II) you will need it!

Note: In order for your coach to review your progress you will be asked to share your username and password with him so keep the password unique for only this purpose.

Suggested Recipes

In the upcoming weeks we will suggest recipes to you to help you in your journey.

As this first week is all about hydration and we don’t expect you to change your diet just yet, we are not providing any recipes.

Input and feedback week 1

Tracking your progress on a daily basis will keep you honest, and make you aware of your habits but also challenges.

We suggest you keep a journal, you have the choice how to do this, either by the booklet we provided or online in a spreadsheet. However we ask you to provide your feedback in your personal Google Sheets file, which is useful to have an overview and allows your coach to review your contributions before the weekly meeting. You can find the link to your personal sheet in your account page!