Nutrition I Series - Conclusion

How do you feel?


You have concluded the Nutrition 1 series. How did these 6 weeks feel? 

If you feel that you haven’t gone far enough, take a few minutes break, browse your journal and come back to this page….

…How do you now feel? Hopefully satisfied and with a big smile on your face!!!!

It is sometimes difficult to quantify the progress we make when we are continuously making small steps forward. When we continiously making small changes to daily routine until they are part of our life and we dont even have to think about them. But even more important is that you are now powered with knowledge. 

Knowledge drives belief and belief drives habits. 

Having read quite a lot of content ask yourself if you can explain what have you leanrt to others? This is the biggest queue that what you are doing is right for you. Being excited and able to convey your new habits to others.


But let’s summarize what you have achieved during these 6 weeks shall we?

  • You are well hydrated every day.
  • You have removed from your eating habits all processed/packages foods, sugars, refined low density foods and replaced them with whole foods.
  • You have no cravings anymore and your energy levels have increased.
  • You are satiated, don’t feel hungry and are starting to lose the extra kilos.

  • You have learnt about the importance of macro-nutrients and especially protein.
  • You have learnt about the importance of micro-nutrients, and have added the right food sources in your meals to get your B3, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Magnesium on a daily basis.

Ready for more?

Having concluded Nurtition 1, we have you are eager to move on. The journey of learning is a never ending one so we propose you continue with the next series which is Nutirion 2.


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Are you committed?

We are if you are!!!

Investing in your life is the best thing you can do!

Before we move on

Time for some feedback
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Many Thanks for your trust!!