The first ketOntrack meetup became a reality


This week was an important milestone for ketOntrack, with the first ketOntrack meetup taking place and I would like to just briefly discuss about it for the benefit of those who could not make it.

But first of all I would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone for you for the continuing support over the last months. It is really great to be able to share a passion, discuss about it and be part of an active growing community! Which will only get bigger!

The meetup

The meetup was very interesting. With everyone already aware of what intermittent fasting and keto is, it turned into an open discussion and exchange of experiences.

There were some really interesting topics brought-up, for example around creatine kinase, if keto is a diet or a lifestyle and more, and we will be looking to address these in the near future and in the next ketOntrack meetup.

Feel free to download the presentation and if you have any questions we would be have to address them.

Download the presentation here

Of-course I cannot forget to thank Christina for the the delicious fingerfood. Please follow ketOntrack on Instragram to get all her creative recipes. Many thanks also to Olga for the great design work!

Next Steps

We are planning some exciting new things for all of you!!

First one being the ketOntrack cooking class! Cooking should and can be fun. Eating with family and friends is something we all need to do more often and we want to take the opportunity and cook together with you, have a laugh and create some healthy, delicious but also simple and fast recipes. How does that sound?!

Stay in touch and keep on track!

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