The Expert Series

If you have already completed the ketOntrack Practitioner series , you should already have the right foundation to move on. Having addressed certain aspects of nutrition and eating frequencies is only the start of the journey to real health! If you haven’t started the first series we suggest get in touch to discuss if you are ready to jump directly to the Expert series.

In the second series of the program, we focus on tuning-in with our circadian rythm, improving sleep patterns and further improving our micro-nutrient intake. This part of the program is probably the most challenging and difficult to address. Most people very difficult to change their sleeping habits, even more than the eating ones. However, proper sleep is the key to unlock many other aspects of health. Have you ever gone without sleep for 2-3 days? Can you imagine how would you feel?! Sleep helps with energy, weight loss, stress, recovery and even longevity.


Sleep well to live long“, is the ketOntrack moto .


The Approach

The Expert series has a duration of 6 weeks and during these weeks you should expect to

  • Learn the importance of sleep and following your circadian rythm
  • Optimze your sleeping enviroment and routine to get into deep rejuvenating sleep
  • Take your fasting practise to the next level
  • Learn how to get on a daily basis 100% of the needed nutrients

The Expert series breakdown


Weekly Objectives

  • Week 7 – Tune in with the circadian rythm
  • Week 8 – Starting the day full of energy
  • Week 9 – Preparing your environment
  • Week 10 – Fasting and digestion
  • Week 11 – Be relaxed and manage stress
  • Week 12 – Be grateful everyday


Will be provided on a weekly basis

  • One-2-one meeting with your coach to review results and discuss next steps.
  • Weekly guidelines and detailed do’s and dont’s.
  • Weekly documents to review to deepen you understanding and science on sleep and nutrition . If interested also suggestions on books are provided.
  • Daily motivation tasks, and a forum where you will share your daily progress and gain experiences from other members.
  • Weekly challenges.
  • Availability for questions and clarifications via chat and social media.
  • Tips and suggestions on nutrition and sleep.
  • Your Google Drive folder to have all your docs stored in one location.
  • You can also contribute with your own progress posts and recipes!



  • Communication and collaboration with your choach is very important tool. Decide together on objectives and discuss concerns and challenges.
  • Keeping a daily blog is important to allow for self-reflection and an open discussion with your coach.
  • You will keep using cronometer.com on a daily basis to track your meals.
  • A sleep tracking device will be required. We suggest that you invest in a device that will allow you and your coach to get the right insight. The best sleeping device is the Oura ring, and is what we use and suggest for all our clients. This might seem like a considerable investment but it is well worth it.
  • In case there are improvements to be made to your sleeping environment, you might need to consider buying certain things. These will be discussed with your coach at that time.