The Biohacking Series

The Biohacking Series

Re-connecting with nature is the best biohack you can do for your health and Longevity

The Biohacking Series

Connecting with the Elements of Nature.

Re-connecting with nature is the best biohack you can do for your health and Longevity.

Most of us live very busy lives. Chasing our career, success or our kids! The pace of life is such that we have forgotten taking care of ourselves. We also have drifted very far away from the way our ancestors have lived and thrived for millions of years.  We now know that many of the daily routines our ancestors followed have great benefits for health, resilience and longevity.  

This is how the term biohacking came about.

In this introductory Biohacking series you will understand and experience the importance of connecting with nature, or finding ways to simulate the same effects and get all the benefits.

A simple example of Biohacking are Blue-Light blocking glasses. You have probably heard that blue-light emitted by most lamps and devices is harmful in the evening as it sends signals to our mind to stay awake. Wearing a pair of glasses that blocks blue-light is a great hack in our modern life while still being able to work in your laptop.

During the next 6 weeks you will:

Biohacking is the science of improving your performance by optimising your environment inside you and around you.
The ketOtrack team

The Approach

Changing habits for a lifetime can be very challenging at times, so we will take it slowly but it will require a certain level of commitment. We think that it is not only about your commitment. It is also our commitment.

Fact Based Approach

Our commitment is to introduce you to the science behind everything we learn each week and understand why these changes are mandatory in an easy way so you can have the confidence and urge to keep going.

Quick Feedback and Personalization

We recognise that everyone has a different background and needs so we will tailor the weekly schedule to your own personal needs. We are also available to answer all the questions you might have through the various communication channels either the weekly consultation meetings, or any of the social media.

Investing in your life is the best thing you can do!

The Series Breakdown

Weekly Objectives

WEEK 1 -Connect with Water

Nature’s first element is water. Proper hydration boost our cell energy and flush out toxins.

WEEK 2 - Connect with Earth

The ground is nature’s second element which helps us reduce inflammation and stay healthy.

WEEK 3 - Connect with Fire

Fire is the third element you will master.

WEEK 4 - Connect with Ice

Ice is the fourth element to give you super powers.

WEEK 5 - Connect with Light

Light is life and the source of energy for every living creature. Harness the power of light.

WEEK 6 - Connect with Air

Connecting with air is the conclusion of the first biohacking series.

Will be provided on a Weekly basis

Series structure

Every week you will have a weekly online meeting with your coach at a mutually agreed day and time. During the meeting the objectives of the previous week will be reviewed and the next steps will be discussed. The content and objectives for the next week will be made available via email the day before.

Tools Required

For all the biohacks various techniques and tools will be suggested. Most of this series biohacks come for free but depending on your goal you might want to purchase some of the suggested biohacks.

Experiencing the benefits of some of the suggested biohacks might take time. Commit to make the suggested changes and make time until they are a habit.

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