I am finally starting to understand what proper nutrition means! I feel no hunger, I can move better and feel very lighter. I also find all the new learnings very interesting and enjoyable! I now can listen to my body and have awareness what it really needs. I have a striking amount of energy when in ketosis compared to when I was consuming a lot of carbs. Thanks ketOntrack!
Going through many years of malnutrition, Panagiotis’ help was important. I felt tremendous change in my physical condition and energy levels. I have a striking amount of energy. With KetOntrack I realized the importance to change attitude, that you can live without sugar and to pay attention to the quality of food. Thank you Panagioti and ketOntrack.
I can tell you that Panagiotis is my life saver! Not only because I have been losing weight, but mainly because I have started eating properly, learned how to recognise the amount of protein, fat and carbs in each food, learned how to avoid all packaged foods and also because I feel so much healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

More ABOUT us

Below you will find answers and feedback to the most common questions we are receiving from you.

ketOntrack is a small team, passionate about health, passionate about spreading the message of health and helping everyone who is willing to commit to get back on track. KetOntrack was formed in 2018 and is now offering a unique set of coaching services to support you to reach your health goals. It is unique because 

  • We are personally engaged with you throughout your journey and until you have experience, knowledge and belief to support your life transforming habits. 
  • We are taking a holistic approach to health and based on 5 key pillars, nutrition, sleep, fitness, biohacking and stress, we help you get back on track.

ketOntrack is for everyone. 

For eveyone who wants to improve their health, have more energy and feel better. It is also for those who had many diets in the past and failed to reach their goals. It is for those who have issues such as insulin resistance, fatigue, skin or sleep issues.

But it is also for all those who want to learn about the benefits of a different lifestlyle, for those who want to try out a low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, or want to learn techniques to biohack their performance and live a longer and healthier life.

Finally it is for everyone who does not want to circle around, spending endless hours researching and not knowing what to do. 

We shortcut your way to getting yourself back on track.

Is it extreme to have more energy? Is it extreme to be more focused or to reach your ideal body weight without starving? No!

The ketOntrack program is specifically designed with a “one-step at a time” approach. We follow your own pace and listen to what your body is telling you. 

Additionally, all the ketOntrack practices are based on scientific research and with proven results both for our clients and millions of others. 

Of course, we can understand why someone would think that fasting for example is too extreme if they have been doing 5-6 meals/day for most of their adult life. Unfortunately there is so much misinformation on what is healthy and what is not. 

So for everything you will be doing with ketOntrack you will learn, in a simple and understandable language, that what we are suggesting is the way humans are designed to thrive, and the optimum way for you to become the best version of yourself.

Improving your health, having more energy and focus on your goals to achieve everything you want in life, is a worth while investment.

Depending on what you want to achieve we have 3 options currently at offer:

  1. A pay-as-you-go monthly recurring package which most of our customers choose as it offers most of the benefits and a lot of flexibility.
  2. A one-off payment for an 18-week commitment which includes three of our series.
  3. We also offer an hourly online consultation session.
Check our Programs page for more details.