My 6 weeks progress!

Having completed my 6 weeks practitioner challenge I can honestly say it was life changing and the beginning of my trip to self exploration. Being a mother of twins I somehow lost the control of my life and eating became more like a robotic practice with no attention to nutrients and proper meals.

I had focused only on my kids nutrition and forgot that i must pay attention to myself to. So I started to gain weight and when I realized the problem it was already too late. Since then, I tried so many diets and every time I failed.

Until i decided to give Panagiotis program a chance. In order to follow it and have any chance of success I had to start slowly.

First I had to let go my habits of snacking, and start with a 3 meal program. After I established that i had to adjust to a time limited window of eating (intermediate fasting). In 3rd week i started to get to know KETO diet. By then my weight hadn’t changed so much and i was about to give up, again. But Panagiotis quickly noticed and found the reason to it, my body was so insulin resistant that i would have to “starve” it from carbs in order to make it insulin sensitive. So I did. And by 4th week finally the kilos started to drop. A break though and something no one else so far had thought. In combination with an every day light exercise I finished my 6th week 6 kilos lighter.

A sense of happiness, personal success and the feeling that I have a real life coach next to me. I will continue my journey and will reach my final goal !

Cee Kay´s sixth week with KetOntrack

Completed the six-week program, what an experience! I´m really happy to have marked this milestone. Summarizing the step by step approach of the previous weeks in one sentence: A very rewarding and change in a lifetime self-exploration.

Having pushed the boundaries in fasting, learning a lot about nutrition and digestion, and picking up on getting fit again, was unexpecting a very smooth ride. This was exceptionally possible through the KetOntrack principles and the 6-weeks program. It´s not that you don´t have access to the knowledge, knowing what is good for you, i.e. less carbs, more rich in nutrients food, focused workout, having the right level of hydration and so on, but it´s the special way of KetOntrack having taught me and my body, to become metabolically flexible. This was a physical and psychological learning curve and has had so far, a big impact on my lifestyle.

Check my before and after pictures!

Needless to state that I am now since two weeks in keto, justified and measured via the Keto-Mojo meter, whereby in week 5 it was as desired a slight ketosis, then this week, with 18/6 intermittent fasting and usually two rich meals, as well as a good level of activity, I´m fully ‘ketonised’ 🙂

I´m now
much more energetic and I have written this in my previous posts, but what does
it actually mean? For me it means, that I´m much more focused on my energy
levels. I have achieved to be more awake and productive during the day. I have
the feeling as if someone switched on an additional battery. Even when there was
some hick up´s, as posted previously, with some sickness, I was able to recover
quickly, my body and mind demanding to continue on the chosen path. This is
simply fantastic.

Positive (side) effects I have noticed and which definitely need to be mentioned:

a.) Better Skin, cleaner, rosier look, less skin irritations
b.) Improved taste, food tastes richer and pure.
c.) Better sleep, more efficient recuperation.
d.) More relaxed, day to day approach to life.
e.) Down one and a half clothes sizes from my original size 6 weeks ago.
f.) All the gathered knowledge is very useful going forward.
g.) Picked up on autogenic training more frequently again.

Since one
of my passions is cooking, for me it was a won challenge to cook keto
compatible meals. I have amended a lot of my recipes to be keto friendly, derived
from the nutritional awareness achieved with KetOntrack. Some of my recipes are
already online here, and there are yet more to come. It was so far a fulfilling
experience, with some slight challenges, where I needed to prep some side
dishes for the family from time to time, to be equipped with the right level of
needed carbs (I have a son of 1 year, he needs it).

Being a
regular Sauna guest, especially in these nice Spa´s, I´m convinced that a Sauna
visit can remarkably soothe your body and soul and I think everyone should do
it frequently. I´m now going every week once, at least in the winter months, so
I stay fit and focused on staying healthy.

My three key take ways in week 6:

  • Time flew by, and now I feel like a new human being. Really remarkable.
  • Positive attitude comes from achieving set targets, as well as the overall improvements with KetOntrack, visible and inner strength. A foundation, which I trust to continue on the same path.
  • Twelve (12)!! Kilo´s down in 6 weeks. An achievement, but yet more to come and as the next steps, to increase muscle strength, resulting in more weight balance as a result.

In the
weeks to come the focus is on trying to improve sleep length and quality. I
will need to strengthen further my fitness and drive muscle growth in my back
and hip and of course get the belly even more reduced. What´s life without proper
targets? All in all, I am eager to continue the given path and am happy to receive
my KetOntrack Practitioner certificate, aiming to go the full path and become a
Trainer at some point.

I´m happy
to have achieved all this and thanks to Panagiotis for gathering all the
information and his consultancy and his mentoring on his true passion, being


Cee Kay.