Green Salad with Squash

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Salads don’t need to be boring. You can vary them in such a great way that the possibilities are endless. There are so many ingredients to choose and pick to create a completely new taste and visual effect every time. One of the great combinations is to mix cold and warm ingredients togethers which will […]

Radish Salad with a twist!

Continuing on Season Specials, KetOntrack kitchen present an easy Spanish Salad Recipe using Radishes instead of Potato. It’s very refreshing, light on calories – high on vitamins and just perfect for a hot sunny day. Here’s how I prepared it. It is good for 2 Servings. You need the following ingredients- usually available at home […]

Asian Style Salad

Inheriting the KetOntrack nutritional series, complementing a low carb and healthier style of living, can be a challenge. I am as part of my transformation preparing regular full-size meals in form of a rich salad. Where this is usually my first meal of the day, in order to provide all nutrients needed to start the […]