Mussels with Zucchini Noodles

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Mussels, yet another superfood! In our search for nutritional density seafood are a very good source of nutrients. And lucky for us that there are some great keto recipes with Mussels! Mussels are a very good source of omega 3 fats, high in protein, high source of B12 ( about 340% of the RDA, over […]

Roasted vegetables with grass fed beef steak

Having the right protein intake, paired with low carb keto friendly meals, can be quite fun. I have created a very tasty recipe, which is suitable as a lunch or dinner. The recipe consists of a basis, of different vegetables, which are, except maybe for sweet potato, low in carbs. You can leave aside sweet […]

Low Carb Aussie Style Banana Bread

Banana Bread fresh from the oven

Having been down under, I loved the Australian Style Banana Bread. I like the fluffy consistency and the slight cinnamon and salt taste. As described in my other post around baking in general, this is the first recipe I amended exclusively for KetOntrack.

The defining healthy keto recipe

My personal favorite. Wild caught salmon with spinach and celery mash. A meal with a complete nutritional profile that tastes superb and you can prepare in 20 minutes!

Is a healthy meal boring and bland?

Many of the people I discuss with ask me how I don’t get bored by having removed so many of the food choices from diet. And my answer is that this diet has not limited me in any way, is delicious and is actually opening new paths to my tastebuds. Let’s see why.