Understanding ketosis

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You might have heard many people talk about the keto diet and that it is a high-fat diet. But what does all this really mean? Why is this important and how does our body react to a high-fat diet? Let us drill into the world of ketones! The car fuel tank comparison A car needs […]

Green Asparagus Keto side dish

Creating a tasty, yet health side dish, is sometimes challenging. I find this green asparagus, with bacon, parmesan and salvia very delicious and it fits perfectly into the picture as a side dish for red meat, chicken or even fish. It´s as well quite healthy as green asparagus is a premium source of Pantothenic Acid, […]

The wrong way to do keto

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Recently there has been a lot of bad publicity around keto, and I believe it is important to address it. Is there a wrong way to implement a keto diet? The Keto definition The Keto diet is defined by bringing the body in a state of burning fat for energy instead of glucose (carbs). In […]

Why follow a keto diet?

Is a ketogenic diet important for health? Is getting into ketosis the only path to improve health?

Asian Style Salad

Inheriting the KetOntrack nutritional series, complementing a low carb and healthier style of living, can be a challenge. I am as part of my transformation preparing regular full-size meals in form of a rich salad. Where this is usually my first meal of the day, in order to provide all nutrients needed to start the […]

Starting your nutrition journey

Most diets have some signature naming. Low-fat diets, high-fat diets, meat only diets, vegeterian diets and so forth. However most of these definitions are from my perspective misleading since they make no reference to the nutrition we need nor the end-goal we want to reach.