Cee Kay´s eighth and ninth week with KetOntrack

Being nutritionally completely on the keto
path, I survived x-mas and new years with just a 1.5 kilo weight gain and two
cheat days. I´m proud that with this I can go back on track in no time. I am
now on a regular 5 days a week 16/8 and two days a week 20/4 intermittent fasting
schedule. Whereby I eat 2-3 meals on 16/8 days and max 2 meals on 20/4 days.
This all works out fine for me.

I´ve got the results of my blood tests and
they were, as expected, very good. My doc was asking me, why I was testing the
blood in the first place, as it was super great results. This is very good news
and underlines the health benefits achieved through KetOntrack.

Whilst week 7 was initiating a deeper focus
on sleep patterns, I have been struggling to achieve a deeper sleep. I needed
to figure out that my sleep tracker wasn´t giving good results, but with some
configuration tweaks, it is now much more accurate. Having less screen time is
a bit of a challenge, but I was able to cut down the screen time by 1-2 hours,
before going to sleep. My target of 50% deep sleep time is still far away, but
I´m now on 30% increased deep sleep patterns, which is a big improvement
already. I am more often getting 7-8 hours of sleep. I´m working on
continuously increasing sleep quality and for now it works ok. I have also
found that taking CBD oil before going to bed and additional supplements like
magnesium and calcium, is supporting my nights regeneration and generally
quality of sleep. Now CBD oil deserves an article of it´s own, but in short:
It´s cannabinidol, the soothing and pain killing component of hemp, which is
not just a pain killer as it is as well supporting a balanced immune system, and
here helps to improve sleeping patterns.

I am close to complete my physiotherapy, and
am consistently picking up on activities, as blockades and pain is fading out
and my body feels strengthened. I found a nice program online for improving the
body balance and I will be trying a 30-day program to see if it works. I´ll
post on my experience on this one.

My three key takeaways in week 8&9:

  1. Sleep patterns need much more time to adapt, compared to the nutritional habit changes.
  2. Fixing your sleep tracker, helps in getting correct results 😉
  3. Some supplements enable better sleep quality.

In Week 10 I will focus on fitness and
relaxation, but most important on the new year’s resolution, where I want to
fast at least 48 hours, for detoxing and continuation of my keto diet, after
the holiday season is over. I´m now going twice a week to the sauna, which
really helps establishing a good biorhythm. Other than that, I am eager to pick
up on fitness again and strengthen my body balance.


Cee Kay.