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Finding someone you can trust and rely on to transform your health and open-up, share with him very personal issues, is not easy. 
About Panagiotis

So here are a few things about me and ketOntrack.

I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet around 10 years ago, after some years of not really taking care of myself. I started noticing changes in myself. I had put on kilos on even though my diet had not changed much I was finding I had increasingly more energy crashes, less and less energy and increasingly difficult to keep focused. 

Through my own journey I have come to realise how important our daily habits are for our health. But also how important our health is for productivity, work-life balance and achieving everything we aspire for. 

I am now honoured to be in NY Journals list of the top-30 lifestyle coaches. This came about as I strongly believe in personal engagement with all my clients throughout their life transforming journey to gain the experience, knowledge, and beliefs needed. I believe having more energy and feeling better are key for going after your goals. 

Self-fullfilment comes from sharing, contributing and caring about others and this is what I want to achieve with ketOntrack. Share my knowledge, help others and contribute in becoming the best version of you.