The products in our store are what we personally and our clients user use. We have tried them out for a while before recommending it. This list will save you endless time from searching long list of similar products.

Supplements are not in the core of the getting your daily nutrition, but your body demands might be such that it can be difficult to get everything only from nutrition. Supplementation should be used strategically and where required.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast is one of the superfoods which has all the B vitamins we need on a daily basis, and can be very easily be incoporated in some of the delicious ketontrack salads!

Key Electrolytes (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium)

Electrolyte balance is key for have energy through-out the day!

These mirelars need to be replentished daily and especially when training!

Magnesium is a key mineral in all energy consuming functions. It is required for literally everything and most people do not get enough from their daily diet. Use to to avoid cramps, sore muscles and before going to bed for a better sleep.

Magnesium L-threonate

Magnesium is involved as a cofactor in at least 600 enzymatic reactions in the body. Make sure you get enough.

Cod Fish Oil

Fish oil has essential O3 fatty acids such as DHA, EPA which are essential for tissues and our brain.

Just one teaspoon can do miracles!

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are key for digestion and nutrient absorption.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil (MCT)

MCT oil as mentioned here, can be a good catalyst to help in a ketogenic lifestyle.

It will support digestive functions, as well as raise energy levels and enhances brain activity.

Suggested Books

“We are only bound to the life we choose to live”

A very easy read to understand the effects of genes in your daily life what can be done about it.


Almond Flour is low in carbs and rich in vitamins. It is essential for low carb baking or flour replacement in general.

It can replace around 1/3 of regular wheat flour.

Psyllium husk powder is a great dietary fibre source.

It will help in giving batter / dough the right texture.

Guar gum is a great helper to emulsify dough.

It can be used as a starch replacement with very low carb profile.

Potato Dietary Fibre is a great add on, baking without any wheat flour.

It has all starch removed, hence is very low carb and makes a great bread.

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