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Snacking is emotional

Is there a thing like healthy snacking? Should we be eating 5 times a day to retain optimal health? The answer is pretty simple. NO! The average human should be eating 1-2 days, if there are following a nutritional dense diet.

Who are snacking

If you google for “is snacking healthy” here is what you will find

"Even though snacking has developed a "bad image," snacks can be an important part of your diet. They can provide energy in the middle of the day. A snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time."

Everything about this paragraph is so wrong. Snacking is not part of a healthy humans diet. Let me explain.

  • Needing energy 2-3 hours after eating

Animal that graze all day, like cows, have to eat in this pattern in order to  get adequate nutrition, because what is eat has low nutritional value. On the other hand foods with adequate amounts of protein and fat are more satisfying and you end-up eating the less often. They are more nutritional dense which means they have they right nutritional profile.

On the other hand, when you eat snack (which are mostly processed food) your blood sugar goes up and down all the day. You  will be always hungry, emotionally and visceraly. This will also lead to snacking and is a sign of being metabolically unhealthy.

Feeling hungry means you did not eat what your body needed. It also can mean that you are hypo-glycemic especially if you are looking for something sweet!

  • Snacking will keep you from overeating

It is actually the exact opposite! Snacking will keep you constantly hungry since you are not sending any satiety signals (via the hormone leptin). The advice of keeping the meals frequent and often is behind the calorie restriction phylosophy which is leaving millions of people hungry and overweight!


The practise of fasting really means to abstain from something and it can apply to every aspect of life. As we eat more often then we need to we also use social media too much, and watch too much TV. And many these daily habits are addictive as much as food can be. Everything we do in life that is too much is too toxic in some way and we need to practise fasting as a means of cleansing our body and our mind!

Here comes intermittent fast. Fasting should not be even a thing. It is part of who we are. That is normal. Eat 2 times a day and get some coffee just for fun!

Intermittent fasting will eliminate the emotional aspects of snacking.  We should be going through long periods of time without food and still feel great. We shoud be eating 1-2 meals a day and this is the normal for every single human. We just have forgotten what normal looks like.

Of-course, the benefits of fasting extend to much more than what we discussed.  Fasting is so embedded into our physiology that eating and drinking through out the day will switch off normal physioligcal pathways such are Human Growth Hormone secrition, autophagy, recycling of old and dead proteins, balancing mTOR and AmPK and more.

Snacking is emotianal

A snack is always an emotional event! A snack is for the brain. It a phycological state not a nutritional activity. When we snack it is an emotional activity which has nothing to do with nutrition. It might be boredom, procastination, stress but is almost never about nutrition.

 If you are really hungry then sit and eat a proper meal until you are satisfied. Being satisfied is a state where the brain signals to the body (and vise-versa) that we got all the nutrients we need.


  • The need for snacking is an indication of poor sugar management
  • More often that not snacking is an emotional event which will lead to poor quality food choices and overeating!

What can you do

Listen to your body : If you are not hungry don’t eat. If you are hungry eat your proper meal until satisfied.

Prioritise protein and fat :  In order to feel satiated always start with protein, then add some healthy fat and finish off with some healthy carbs and veggies. This simple approach will provide you with the right satiety since it is will give you the nutrition your body is looking for

Hydrate : Ensure you are well hydrated. Many people are not hungry just thristy!

Final Thoughts

  • Snacking can’t be part of a healthy diet.
  • Try to remove the emotional aspects of snacking by eating nutritional dense meals and until satisfied.
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