Your advanced sleep tracker 

Unlock your potential

Knowing yourself means knowing your data. Tracking the quality of your sleep and understand what can be improved.

Sleepon a slick sleeping ring will help you in your sleep transformation. A little device with big potential!

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Imagine that you could:


Track your Sleep

improve your sleep with daily feedback
  • Sleep Quality 
  • Easily view and analyze your sleep data on PC or Mac
  • Integrated Report
  • Apnea Screening
  • Heart Rate / Blood oxygen / HRV

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Go the next level

Comfortable & Accurate

Go2Silence is the world’s first Smart Positional Therapy Device with both elastic and vibrotactile feedback. 

It can effectively reduce positional snoring, sleep apnea,  and allows you to monitor many important health and sleep markers.

  • Vibroactile feedback
  • Elastic feedback
  • Position monitoring

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