Silver linings


I am now on my 10th week. Losing fat is what I care the most about, and up to now I’ve lost 8 kilos. The last couple of weeks I’ve allowed myself to stray from my meal plan, doing one or two cheat meals (actually, cheat days) in a week. I needed to break the seemingly interminable drudgery of preparing and eating bland-tasting food: it felt good (and then bad).

Weight loss had stalled until last week, and I was feeling frustrated and disappointed, with a strong sense of futility. This week I seem to be making some progress, which is a relief.

I have concluded that two meals per day work best for me, with the last one at around 14:00, followed by 18-19 hours of fasting. Rather unexpectedly, I don’t get cravings or feel hungry during fasting.

Many times during the day I get jittery, not because I’m hungry but due to the monotony of my meals. Eating has always been for me much more than nourishment: delightful food can be soothing, uplifting, invigorating. Even a humble slice of bread can offer me moments of bliss. I miss such moments, and so far they’ve been irreplaceable.