Our Mission

Our mission at KetOntrack is to give you all the tools, support and guidance to improve your lifestyle habits, incoporate them into your daily routine at your own pace and allow you to enjoy life at its fullest.

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Eve ry journey starts with a first step. This first step can be the most difficult at times especially when trying to establish new lifestyle habits.

The Commitment The Approach
Most people might think that changing your lifestyle is about getting a meal plan that you follow and that’s it. If this is what you expect, Ketontrack is not for you.
Ketontrack is about commitment. Yours and ours working together helping you to achieve your goals. 
We will look into the overall lifestyle and in particular the areas below

1. Metabolism
2. Nutrition and Nutrient dense food
3. Fasting
4. Fitness
5. Biorhythm and sleep
6. Mind and relaxation techniques
The KetOntrack program consists of 3 six-week courses broken down in a way to deliver results in the particular area of focus in a fast and consistent way.
Each course has a detailed step-by-step approach to allow you to experience life changing results on a weekly basis.

Practitioner: The first phase we often refer to as the clean-up phase.Cleaning-up bad nutritional habits. By the end-of the 6-weeks you will have more energy, more focus and overall a better mood. Cravings will be reduced and your daily nutrition will have significantly improved.

Expert: In the second phase you continue your nutritional journey and deep-dive into the science of areas such as blood work, micro-nutrients, fasting and autophagy. We will also connect the natural cyrcadian rythm to improve sleep and recovery.

Master: Fitness is a key bio-marker for longevity. The third phase’s focus is on building up your fitness levels to take your energy to the next level. Understanding in depth the science, is a key KetOntrack principle so we will continue to build your health knowledge and foundation.

Teacher: At this point you have mastered all the key health principles and you can already contribute with your own content, ideas and areas of interest. This will help you build your own goals while practising in meditation and relaxation techniques. We consider you a key contributor to the program and you can choose to be part of the team, sharing your experience with new starters of KetOntrack.

Check-out the detailed Practitioner Series programme , and watch Christian’s success story and how he lost 12 kilos in 6-weeks.

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What do you get by completing the KetOntrack program modules?

  • Increased energy levels throughout the day
  • Control your cravings and maintain a constant activity level
  • Prepare healthy, nutrient meals with everything your body needs to thrive
  • Be relaxed and focussed and in-tune with your biorhythm
  • Increase fitness level and gain mobility & strength

Why is this important?

  • The key to health and longevity is to balance between growth (feasting) and recovery (fasting) and the ultimate health marker for KetOntrack is defined by having energy throughout the day enabling to live a fulfilled life.
  • Eating low nutrients or processed foods taxes the body immensely since it takes a lot of time to digest and utilize and you never really cover when eating 5-6 times a day. Your body and it´s cell renewal needs time to heal and recover, applicable for every organ. We need to give our body the right nutrients on a daily basis and create the right environment to absorb them.
  • As part of the daily recovery, deep sleep is a crucial factor. Can you imagine yourself with no sleep for 2 days?! Sleep unlocks your full potential. Energy, clarity of mind, weight loss and many more!

How do we achieve this?

  • By creating a personalized program together with your dedicated own coach.
  • Taking it step by step by setting weekly goals and challenges.
  • Progressively integrate changes into your life as part of your subconscious routine so that you are phasing out bad habits.
  • Understand the science on each KetOntrack module, how the body works and why we do each step.
  • Using collaboration tools for easy engagement with your coach.

The areas we target in the KetOntrack programs are:

  • Metabolism
  • Nutrition and Nutrient dense food
  • Fasting
  • Fitness
  • Biorhythm and sleep
  • Mind and relaxation techniques