Self Decode


Understanding you Genome is getting to know yourself and getting the opportunity to achieve your potential and personal goals.

In ketOntrack we believe that perfecting your Nutrition cannot be complete without knowning how to support your genes. 

Epigenetics is how are the genes express themselves based on external environmental factors. Everything around us affects us, so it makes sense to know where we might potentially have sensitivities.

Since any health journey is very personalized, would not be complete without doing a DNA test. Hence we are now working together with SelfDecode to give the best experience.

SelfDecode provides very comprehensive and details reports but presented in a simple, understandable and actionable way

You’ll also get:

  • An Introductory Health Overview DNA Wellness Report
  • All current & future reports with a lifetime membership or 5 Premium DNA Wellness Reports with an annual membership (Including Weight Loss, Fitness, Mood, Inflammation, and more)
  • Full Access to the Personalized Genetics Blog – get personalized health articles on a daily basis with recommendations on how to counteract negative genes
  • Exclusive membership discount on additional reports for annual members
  • Full Access to Lab Test Analyzer
  • All current and future Risk Assessment Tools
  • Symptoms & Conditions Analyzer 


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