The defining keto recipe. It is simple but so delicious, and one of the most nutrietious foods out there. And when it the salmon melts in your mouth that taste - incredible! - something that you have never tasted before. Give it a try!


Nutrients per portion

Calories: 209
Protein: 39g
Carbs: 3g
Fat: 22g


  1. Cut the salmon in big cubes
  2. Put salt and pepper on the salmon and fry it on high heat on all sides for a total of 2 minutes. Set the fried salmon aside
  3. On the same pan, cook a thinly sliced onion and garlic on medium heat.
  4. Place the fried salmon back on the pan and optionally pour a bit of Ouzo in the pan. If you do that, ensure that the Ouzo evaporates.
  5. Add 100 gr of cream and then the spinach (or kale) with the zest a 1 lemon to the salmon and cook it for a couple of minutes
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste
  7. Right at the end add dill (or parsley or coriander), fresh onions and the juice from the 1 lemon



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