We have discussed plenty of times on the unique benefits of liver and I will repeat it. You need to integrate into your lifestyle eating a nose to tail diet! And there is no tastier way to do it than a Greek favourite "Mageiritsa".

Mageiritsa is a dish that is mostly served before Easter and to break the 40-days no-meat fast. Which makes total sense with all the nutrients packed in liver and the rest of the organ meats. Unfortunately liver is not on most people's favourite list but with this recipe you will totally get hooked! It certainly has hooked me, to the point I have it almost every week!


Nutrients per serving



For the egg-lemon sauce

Dill and coriander . What an aroma!


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  1. Wow, there’s a recipy I didn’t think so far with liver(and I am Greek!!). Just a question, if I do not use hearts and use normal meet, chicken or beef would it be Ok? Have you tried only with liver?
    Hearts are not to my taste…

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