Reaching my 1st goal after 12 week with KetOntrack


Having successfully completed my first 6 weeks I thought that the next step would be easier. All I had to do was to focus on my sleeping habits and improving them.

Jolly Christmas

Unfortunately it was around Christmas when my focus went a bit under the bridge. We were staying at a hotel with the family , where the food was to die for and the drinks too. So I step away from my security zone and indulged myself to all kinds. The result was not so much gaining weight(1,5 kilo) but how much I struggled after to get back on track. I had cravings, and many times elapsed. It took me around a week to finally restrain myself. I lost the extra kilo but then came the weight plateau. I couldn’t get rid the last 3 kilos although I had increased my exercising frequency and was again fasting.

Fasting for 18/6 and hobbies

Getting back to my hobby!

So we decided to increase the fasting window to 18 hours, which proved to be easier than i thought. What is so great with this window is having so much free time away from the kitchen and cooking!!! I was able to focus more on other things like exercising and catching up with my old hobby: painting. I am satisfied that i finished two canvases and i will continue, maybe try to find a school to improve my technic. I also had a lot of time to search and experiment on new recipes, new ingredients. Tried many of them, some where a success some failed totally. I will soon post some of them, and I hope you will like them.

My sleeping routine

In the second series of the program, we focused a lot on sleep, and trying to get more quality sleep. I would say that I did try to follow the directions, preparing myself with dim lights, listening calming music or reading books, however it has proved difficult. Having 4 year old kids is mainly the reason. However I have now learnt the improtance of having a daily sleeping routine, having a relaxating environment which allows you to calm down the body and mind. I will keep working on it.

72 hours of Fasting

At the end of my 12th week we decided that it was time for me to try my first long fasting (48 hours). I was really afraid that I wont make it but, on the other hand, I trust my coach. First 24 hours was easy since I was used to 18 hours fasting. Then I felt the hunger, but did not bother me or affected my day and it went away after a few hours. Reaching the 48hr I was feeling great, full energy and the hunger was gone!. I even went to the gym. So i pushed myself to continue. I finally broke my fasting at 72hr.

The benefits and the results are written in a great article from Panagiotis. Check it out

First goal reached

It’s needless to mention how happy I am, how much more energy I have and of course I am ready for my next goals.

My three keys takeaway in the expert series

  • Do not fear to fast. The results are amazing mentally and physically.
  • Never give up no matter how many mistakes you can make.
  • Still need to focus on my sleeping. It is such an important factor many of us neglect.

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