A prolonged fasting has amazing benefits and everyone should be trying a 2-3 day fast on a regular basis. This might sound like an impossible mission to many but your body will thank you after it. Let’s see why!

Intermittent fasting for 16-20 hours is great daily practise, but going deeper into a fasted state will greatly enhance some of the benefits.

Fasting benefits

Benefits of fasting increase the longer the fast lasts!

How to prepare for your fast and during your fast.

How to break a fast

After a couple of days of fasting your gut has adapted to the abstinence of food, by preserving digestive processes. So you need to be careful to not put too much stress on your body which will cause excess inflammation. Refeed slowly. Additionally consuming high amounts of carbohydrates may result in an abrupt weight gain due to sodium retention. While fasting you excrete a lot of water and refeeding on carbs will get you bloated and you may also have an energy crash of insulin.

Here are some simple steps to follow.

When to stop early

Although a three day fast is not considered a long fast, there are some occasions that you might need to consider breaking your fast early.

Key takeaways

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