Be Fit for Life

This course can serve as a starting point to your fitness journey, as an add-on to your current fitness regime, or you might use it to complement your existing lifestyle habits.

Be Fit for life is a self-guided course for anyone interested in living a happier and healthier life. Exercise and in particular movement and stability but also breathing in the right way will help you enjoy life at it’s fullest and be prepared for the years ahead. This course gives practical information, tips and actions that will help you be fit and healthy for a lifetime.

  • You will get 4 lessons, with videos all the science, tips and actions.
  • You will get a guided program and will not lose time or waste effort and increase risk of injury.
  • You can also join our growing community and monthly live QA sessions.

Intensive Keto Experience

A guided, intensive group course focused on keto, intermittent fasting and weight loss!

The course will help you get into a healthy ketogenic lifestyle, with very targeted practices and help you avoid the crash and burn effects that so many people face when starting keto. You will also practice intermittent fasting which has great benefits for health and longevity. The combination of the two and the support of the ketOntrack team will help you start your weight loss journey in the best way.

The course is guided and designed in a way that allows you to experience the change and make it part of your life.

Keto Metabolic Flexibility

Start your journey to a ketogenic lifestyle!

  • The course will help you to get into ketosis in an easy and guided way.
  • The course is designed in a way that allows you to experience the change and make it part of your life.
  • The course allows you to practice each lesson’s objective at your own pace and until you are comfortable to move on.
  • Each lesson includes tips, action plans, recipes, articles and more to make your journey as smooth as possible.
  • You will receive personalised feedback from our coaches at the end of each lesson!