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Have you ever wondered if being sleepy after a meal is a normal reaction of the body? Should we feel energetic after a meal with our body and cells having all the fule they need? In the same token do we really need a coffee first thing when we wake-up? Our body has just produced a lot of cortisol, our stress hormone, to wake us up!

Balancing our hormones, fueling ourselves with the right food will also change your physical performance. More energy during training, faster recovery and less injuries.

It can be sometimes difficult to know exactly what to do and I have personally lost a lot of time not knowing where to start, trying out things or researching. And sometimes you hit plateaus which you just can’t seems to get past from. Especially if you have a weight loss goal it is important to realise to you cant out-train a bad diet. Nutrition is what will get there. Have you had this experience of running endless kilometers on the treadmill, sweating away but not being a able to lose a gram? Not very motivating is it? Unfortunately, you can’t fight our hormones and how our bodies designed.

New collaboration!

So, it is always very exciting when given the opportunity to spread the message of healthy living and how can nutrition (and not only) and drastically change our performance both mentally and physically.

And this case it is great to collaborate with fit@Cosmo and help their clients to improve their performance. If you haven’t been at fit@Cosmo I totally recommend paying a visit to the space. It is a well designed gym with a great lounge to sit and chat with others, a great open space and many different training areas.

For those in Dusseldorf it would be great to see on the 19th of September at fit@Cosmo to discuss about nutrition and not only. We we also have some giveaways !!!!, and plan to make it very interesting session.

Register here, and see you there!

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