Nutrition Series 3 - Introduction

Take your Nutritional journey to the next level!

Welcome to Nutrition 3 Series!!

We are excited to be part of your journey, in your new way of life and here to help you the best way possibe!

The Nutrition 3 series , is the last of the three part Nutrition series and in this 6-week series the aim is to achieve a well balanced nutritional daily lifestyle which you can support for the rest of your life

The first two series mostly focus on cleaning-up the diet and learning how to optimise your daily eating to get all the nutriets you need and improve our metabolic flexibility. The tools used to achieve this are keto and fasting. 

So if you already comfortable with the various fasting protocols, have no hunger or craving, you know how to get all your nutrients, how to avoid anti-nutrients and you have become a fat-burning machine then this series is for you.


The first two series are considered a very good foundation for everyone while in the last of the series will address specific areas which you want to improve and address. This is series will be tailored made to your needs and we have designed it in such a way.

  • Based on your input each week we will discuss and create and follow-up on an actionable plan. 
  • We will deep dive into some of the most common issues people face. These most commonly are digestive issues and/or a weak immune system
  • We will also introduce carb-cycling, discuss when it is best to do that and what are the carbs the we can benefit the most. We will also test your metabolically flexible levels and how well you handle carbs. This will be done in a strategic way that you can sustain while keeping you satiatied.

Other topics that are covered in this series are

  •  Learn how to adjust your diet to have a balanced microbiome
  • Eat to have balanced hormones, while learning about your hormones
  • Do a prolonged fasting, while freeing your mind from artificial dependencies and allowing your body detoxify.
  • Learn how to have life long lasting habits
  • Simple movement and stretching exercises to take your health to the next level.

Our Approach

Changing habits for a lifetime can be very challenging at times, so we will take it slowly but it will require a certain level of commitment

We think that it is not only about your commitment. It is also our commitment. 


Are you committed?

We are if you are!!!

Investing in your life is the best thing you can do!

Nutrition Series 3 breakdown

Weekly Objectives
  • Week 1 – Digestion , carnivore, auto-immune and gut-lining
  • Week 2 – Immune, Hormones, menopause and muscle building
  • Week 3 – Prolonged Fasting
  • Week 4 – Carb cycling
  • Week 5 – Choose your topic!
  • Week 6 – Building life long habits
Choose your topic

Starting the Nutrition Series 3 probably means you are already comfortable with the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and you are looking to dive deeper and into some areas that are of personal interest to you or areas that you want to work-on and improve. For this reason we have week 5 dedicated only for topics that your are interested in. Take your time and think what you want to get out of the series and then fill-out the form below. 

KetOntrack will provide to you on a Weekly basis
  • One-2-one meeting with your coach to review your progress, difficulties and discuss next steps.
  • Weekly guidelines and detailed do’s and dont’s.
  • Weekly documents to review to deepen you understanding and science on the topic of the week. If interested also suggestions on books are provided.
  • Weekly challenges to change your habits
  • Availability for questions and clarifications via chat and social media.
  • Eating tips, recipes and if required weekly meal plans. (we don’t believe in detailed meal plans, but we can help you to get started)
  • Your Google Drive folder for tracking your progress, and to have all your docs stored in one location.
  • You can also contribute with your own progress posts and recipes! Writing these posts will help you and more important also others!
Some pre-requisites before starting

Before you start the Nutrition series 3 you should be comfortable with


  • Intermittent fasting on a daily basis for 16 (or more) hours.
  • OMAD and keto lifestyle which is important to allow you to get all the benefits of the prolonged fasting
You will need the following tools during the next weeks


  • Use cronometer.com on a daily basis to track your meals. A gold-account will be required.
  • Keep a daily journal ito allow for self-reflection and an open discussion with your coach.
  • Purchase a Keto-Mojo device to keep track of your glucose and ketone levels. ketOntrack is affiliated with Keto-Mojo and will offer you a discounted price. See https://ketontrack.com/keto-mojo/ for more information.
  • Purchase a CGM device. A continious glucose monitor (CGM) will be required to track your metabolic flexibility. GCM devices are almost non-invasive devices which you wear on your arm and can track 24/7 your glucose levels. We recommend using FreestyleLibre.
  • A couple of supplements will be required for the prolonged fasting (e.g an electrolyte supplement).
  • The series introduces simple yoga based movements, so purchasing a yoga mat would come in handy.
  • Purchase a body composition scale which, next to weight, is also is able to measure your fat, muscle percentage and more, is highly recommended. 
Disclaimer: KetOntrack suggests these tools and devices as we believe in them. We used them ourselves and also other customers made use of these tools, and we see clear benefits in tracking to become aware what you eat and to use devices which help you to measure your body stats!

Let's get started!