My first six weeks with ketOntrack

 I have always been chubby and at some points of my life really overweight. Ever since I can remember I have been struggling with my weight- all sorts of diets, fasting periods, dieticians, health centers that promise easy weight loss- you name it , I have tried it!

The life before ketOntrack

For quite a long period I managed to control my weight, but as one gets older and maintaining an “acceptable” weight is not easy. Ever more when you get pregnant at the age of 40 and 43. The pregnancies with the lifestyle changes that two kids bring along, combined with the crazy working hours, crazy shifts and all-night on-call duties, had taken a toll on me. For the past 5 years or so I had given up hope. Apart from being physically exhausted from my way of living I was also psychologically tired as well.

Christmas came and we finally managed to visit my brother and sister-in-law. It was she that suggested “going keto”. She explained a few basic things to me I had the opportunity to see her in action the week we spend with them but the most important thing was that she was a living proof- down 8 kgrs.!

She suggested I talk to Panagiotis and I thought I’d give it a shot. I had nothing to lose, but if it worked out so much to gain since I started to have health issues (like insulin resistance—I am too young to  have diabetes!!!!)

The ketOntrack journey

Snacking – The most difficult part for me at the beginning was eating at certain time periods and stop snacking (which I hadn’t even realized I was doing…. Although a cracker, a rusk , a coke or a piece of cheese is snacking!!). Eating at approximately 1pm and 8 pm  is not  an easy task when you  happen to work at that particular time and you are used to eat even once at nighttime whatever is handy (no  attention to quantity or quality) and then go to sleep.

New habits – I had to “teach “ myself to new eating habits- I even started having breakfast – something long forgotten. Preparing food to take with me and stealing 15 minutes at work to eat it was not a piece of cake, but I didn’t give up – finally I managed ok. After the first 2 weeks I felt healthier and less bloated. IF was not difficult for me – I was already used to eating twice or even once a day. I just had to stick to quality….

Seeing the scale drop was a great incentive to keep on.

At the end of my six weeks I am already 6.5kgrs down and I managed to lose most of my “pregnant-like “belly.

Weekly consultations with Panagiotis help a lot – his support and advice on how to apply the weekly plan to my personal way of life is irreplaceable. My confidence is back and I feel more energetic and healthier than ever . Now I am determined to continue my journey .

A big THANKS to Panagiotis, Christina and Ketontrack for introducing me to a new way of life!