My 6-weeks tranformation point of view


Ever since I can remember myself, I have been struggling with my weight. There have been periods when I was thin, periods when I was overweight as well as two pregnancies! The last seven years or so, I had given up on myself. I felt mentally and physically worn out.

Looking back, I can now clearly see that the reason for this was mainly all these exhausting diets I tortured my metabolism with. I am sure I had tried all the kinds of diets that you can find so easily on the web and all the diets that I had heard from a friend of a friend’s friend… who had managed to lose so “much weight” in such a short period of time!!! Of course, nothing worked for me and soon I had to battle my depression as well.

Six weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about how the keto diet changed her life. She described Panagiotis as a life saver. I remember telling her, I hope Panagiotis will be my life saver too. And six weeks later I can tell you he is indeed my life saver too! Not only because I have been losing weight, but mainly because I have started eating properly, learned how to recognize the amount of protein, fat and carbs in each food, learned how to avoid all packaged foods and also because I have begun to fill my fridge with fresh foods and feel so much healthier.

I am not following a specific, laid out diet which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am allowed to eat whatever I want except for specific categories of foods such as sugar, flour and carbs. At first, I found it difficult but soon I was obsessed with my new healthy nutritional habits as my mind was overflown with new recipe ideas.

Benefits of fasting

At some point, we started IF. So now I had to combine my new nutrition and fasting. I read so many articles about IF as it sounded strange to my ears. All of them mentioned only the positive impacts IF can have on our mental and physical health. The main point is that when you don’t eat all day, your body has time to rest. This means that your organs start to function better and you are less vulnerable to a series of severe diseases, including autoimmune diseases. And that’s what convinced me to give it a try. The transition was smooth, starting with 12/12 and then 10/14 to end up with 8/16. I found out that IF was the key to keeping me focused. In addition, I wouldn’t get tired of thinking what to eat every three hours and I wasn’t fed up with having to prepare 5 meals a day! Ι wasn’t greedy for snacks or sweets. My mind was clear, my energy was boosted, my skin and my hair were shiny and of course my confidence was high. Furthermore, the heartburns which I had been suffering from during the last year miraculously disappeared, I didn’t feel bloated anymore and I also started to sleep deeper and better.

My family and the people around me started noticing the difference in my appearance and in my mood. It’s difficult to convince someone about the benefits of IF as it so opposite to what we have been used to. My friends still view my new nutritional habits with a little suspicion but at least they are very supportive because they have witnessed the positive effects so far.

At this point I am 6 kilograms less and determined to reach my goal before the end of 2020!! It’s not a diet, it’s a new and healthier lifestyle!

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  1. Hi Niki,
    Very inspiring thoughts. Speaking from personal experience, changing your eating habits is really difficult and needs determination to overcome it and move towards a healthy nutrition.
    Keep up the good work and see you achieving your next goal!


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