My 6 weeks progress!


Having completed my 6 weeks practitioner challenge I can honestly say it was life changing and the beginning of my trip to self exploration. Being a mother of twins I somehow lost the control of my life and eating became more like a robotic practice with no attention to nutrients and proper meals.

I had focused only on my kids nutrition and forgot that i must pay attention to myself to. So I started to gain weight and when I realized the problem it was already too late. Since then, I tried so many diets and every time I failed.

Until i decided to give Panagiotis program a chance. In order to follow it and have any chance of success I had to start slowly.

First I had to let go my habits of snacking, and start with a 3 meal program. After I established that i had to adjust to a time limited window of eating (intermediate fasting). In 3rd week i started to get to know KETO diet. By then my weight hadn’t changed so much and i was about to give up, again. But Panagiotis quickly noticed and found the reason to it, my body was so insulin resistant that i would have to “starve” it from carbs in order to make it insulin sensitive. So I did. And by 4th week finally the kilos started to drop. A break though and something no one else so far had thought. In combination with an every day light exercise I finished my 6th week 6 kilos lighter.

A sense of happiness, personal success and the feeling that I have a real life coach next to me. I will continue my journey and will reach my final goal !