I have been reading a lot about ketosis and how to maintain a good metabolism, especially since intermittent / interval fasting could lead to an adapted fasting mode of my metabolism I stumbled across MCT oil, my first bio-hacking experience (ok besides starting the KetOntrack program in the first place).

Some facts

MCT oil benefits

You can use MCT oil as a supplement to add to your salad & dressing or to your smoothie as well as the “famous” bulletproof coffee. I personally tried bulletproof coffee, and I must say it really works great for me, but more to that later.

a) It supports weight loss by

b) It provides an energy boost that can fuel your brain

c) It reduces lactate buildup when exercising

d) It may influence cholesterol levels and heart risk

How much is recommended?

My Experience

I have tried bullet proof coffee when breaking my daily fast. I usually have a strong coffee espresso size with a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of MCT, mixed with some sugar free almond milk. This seems to boost me into ketosis with an increased metabolism, especially when risking to get into a fasting adapted metabolism, due to increased intermittent fasting intervals, where I can only have one or two meals per day.

When having consumed MCT Oil I can literally feel it, whereby my temperature rises and I have an instant boost on activity levels and my metabolism. But as stated above, I believe it shouldn´t be a day to day consumption, but more a catalyst on an occasional basis, to get you back on track. I think at the end it is always better to adapt your diet and hence daily food intake where your body has all it needs to produce ketones naturally and at the same time have a rich and balanced nutritional intake.

Key Takeaways

I will provide more insights as I use MCT Oil and measure it´s impact on my diet, the daily energy and ketone levels and post additional insights as soon as obtained.

Let me know if you liked the post.

Cee Kay.

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