“Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology”

My definition of biohacking is applying techniques or hacks to improve our life, health and overall functioning in a world of stress, decease, electromagnetic fields and constant lights to name just a few.

The biohacking scene has been rapidly growing for the last few years and I was lucky enough to participate in the 5th Biohacking Summit that took place in Helsinki, Finland. It was an event that hosted more than 30 speakers on various topics over a packed two-day agenda with many exhibitors, very interesting products and over 1100 visitors.

The event started with an enlighting breathing session by Kasper van der Meulen (@kaspersfocus). It is amazing to experience the change of state while standing still with closed eyes and feeling the energy flowing through you.

The next few hours passed with uncontrollable desire to learn about and try out every product in the exhibition! It was really exciting as many of the companies are still start-ups and everyone on the floor had an enourmous amount of energy to explain their product but also to listen, discuss and collect feedback.

I would strongly suggest having a look at some of the below ideas to get a feeling of what the field is focusing on.

The first day finished in the sauna, a traditional Finnish custom. It is a really great practise to finish a long tiring day by relaxing both the body and mind. And if you are one of the daring ones, you of course dive in the freezing 9 degrees water to get you refreshed!

The next day, the hype seemed to have gone and there was a series of very interesting speakers so the conference area was totally packed. I also joined from the start, as I was also looking forward to hearing some of them.

However, to my surprise the best was kept for the end. The quotes I connected with the most were from the last speaker known as Herbal Jedi, Yarrow Willard a Clinical Herbalist from Canada. “All decease come from the law of flow or lack of. Stagnation is where are decease generates from. Stagnation leads to inflammation, inflammation to pain and pain to decease” This is so true and can be extrapolated to so many areas of our life, such as stress and even to our work-life. “We are not the sum of our successes but the sum of our connections” . Live connecting not collecting.

The summit finished with a sense of great satisfaction and left me wanting for me. The mystery of human-beings, how to optimize life in a “natural” way and be the best we can is still unfolding.

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  1. Great insights! Really promises some life changing innovations coming up in the near future. Of course I want to test these Keto measuring devices asap 🙂

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