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We are grafeful  that you are considering starting your journey with ketOntrack!

Find below some information regarding the program.
We believe in taking a holistic approach to health and life and that the success of the program is based on changing habits which you will then follow for a lifetime.
As you have probably read, the program is broken down into three 6-week series.
The success criteria of the program are
In the first series – The Practitioner
  • Learn about nutrition and metabolism and how the body works.
  • Lose weight as a result of bringing balance to your body and hormones. Targets are very individual for every person, so I would avoid setting a target.
  • Have unlimited energy and better focus through the day. Fueling the body with the right nutrition will completely transform the things you can achieve in a day.
In the second series – The Expert
  • Sleep better. Not more, but better! This includes many different practises and techniques like lowering your Resting heart rate, increasing your deep sleep and more.
  • Be more relaxed and able to manage stress.
In the third series – The Master
  • Learning and practising techniques and connecting with the elements of nature (Light, Ground, Fire, Ice, Water, Air) for healing and rejuvenating yourself.
  • Maybe you have heard the phrase “Death by a thousand cuts”. It might not be apparent but everything we do creates little cuts to our body, even breathing. So we need to have in our daily/weekly routine practises that help us heal these cuts. Connecting with nature is probably the best thing we can do to for your health.
How do we achieve these
  1. By looking at every step in your journey as a change of a habit. And changing habits is what we do best, since we want these habits to stay for a lifetime!
  2. By taking it step-by-step. We will follow your pace and adjust the program where required to fit your needs.
  3. By personally being engaged with you. Your coach will discuss for the duration of the program any issues you have and help you out.


Live Better Program


For those who dont like breaks
330 one-off
  • 18 weeks
  • Starter Kit

Pace yourself

For those who might need more time to adjust
79 Month
  • Adjust your pace
  • Starter Kit