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  • Eat around 1.2-1.5gr of protein per kilo of body weight per day.
  • Start always with putting first your protein source in every meal, even for breakfast.
  • Choose any protein source that you prefer.

The Action Plan


  • Buy an egg boiler here. Always have boiled eggs and some whey protein powder around.
  • Always have some pre-cooked chicken breasts around.
  • Always have some plain Greek yogurt and hard cheese.
  • Frozen options : Shrimps are the fastest option.
  • Canned options : Sardines in olive oil.

In the morning 

  • Busy? Eat 3 boiled eggs with a fruit or mix some milk with a scoop of whey protein powder to start your day.
  • Do you have more time? Make an egg omelette, some cooked veggies and a serving of cheese.
  • Both of those options will give you your required 30g minimum of protein.

At lunch

  • Maybe for lunch you can take a precooked 150gr portion of boneless, chicken breasts and some vegetables.

For dinner

  • Make a big salad with some tuna or any other options you want. You can also add some lentils or beans if you want to.
  • Do you work late? Take two chicken breasts with you. Or a 150gr portion of chicken with vegetables, or a 150gr portion of red meat and a salad. If you make it a priority, you will make it happen.


  • Check out our recipes in the lesson content, but also here.
  • Do you have kids? Don’t nibble in the kitchen while you prepare their meals or snacks. They may need the calories but you don’t.
  • Track your meals : Use Cronometer to figure out the exact numbers and calories.
  • Note how you feel in your journal! It is important to reflect at the end what went well (or not).
  • Eat slowly and mindfully.
  • Finally, when you lock down your anchor meals, fill in the rest with your appropriate nutrient targets. The main thing is to choose good foods from our list and to hit your macronutrient targets. Try to be balanced. Anything around 25% protein, 40% fat and 35% carbs should be just fine for now.

Your actions for this week

  • Buy an egg boiler here.
  • Fill up your freezer to last for a couple of weeks. Buy also some canned food.
  • Make a chicken soup or a bone broth. It is high in collagen and a very important protein we definitely need.
  • Continue journaling. This is a habit we want to build on.
  • Add a note in Cronometer with every meal. Were the meals more satiating and why?
  • Continue to walk 5K steps everyday. We strongly suggest to start moving around. Why not try to add some push-up or sit-ups in the mix?

And remember. You will have to adjust a bit and it will take time to get it right, especially if you live in a household with many people. You will not get it 100% correct the first time you try this. That’s ok. Nobody ever starts with complete perfection. But you will get better, and that’s what we want.

This week’s reading

Below is the suggested content for you to read with your own pace, however we suggest that you spend 10-15 minutes each day so that you remain committed and engaged.

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If there are any questions or challenges during this lesson, we are here to assist you and guide you through or read the course FAQ section.


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