Let’s practice – Start with Intermittent fasting

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  • Fasting for 14 hours : Compress a bit your eating window by having your first meal a bit later than usual and the last one a bit earlier than usual. We are aiming for a 14 hour fasting window.
  • It is still important to get all your calories in order to thrive. You continue to eat 3 times a day!

The Action Plan

In the morning

  • Drink a couple of glasses of water.
  • Then have a cup of black coffee or tee.
  • Eat your breakfast 1 hour later. Around 10 is perfect!

Lunch time

  • Eat as you have been doing already.


  • It is important to have your last meal before 8pm. The benefits of early dinner affects many of our processes and the circadian rhythm. Read the suggested article about circadian rhythm.
  • If your lifestyle does not allow you to eat early, try to have a light dinner. A salad or yogurt. Eating at 10pm a heavy dinner will be difficult to be digested and will disturb your sleep.


This week’s reading

Below is the content for you to read with your own pace, however we suggest that you spend 10-15 minutes each day so that you remain committed and engaged.

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If there are any questions or challenges during this first week, we are here to assist you and guide you through or read the course FAQ section.


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