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Welcome to ketOntrack

We are excited that you are starting your journey with ketOntrack. You may have joined ketOntrack, for a number of reasons… 

  • Maybe you want to improve some aspects around your lifestyle
  • Maybe you have lack of energy, nutritional, stress or other issues that you want to address or 
  • Maybe you want to get a deeper understanding of simple and useful habits that can improve your everyday life.

ketOntrack is about commitment. Yours and ours working together, helping you to achieve your goals and make the change you are looking for a reality.


Achieving any goal by yourself, is always an up-hill battle. That is why we will exchange experiences, discuss and tackle all the issues together. And in the ketOntrack community you will always have the support of people who share similar experiences through their own individual journeys.

How it works

Each series has an overarching objective and a duration of 6 weeks. Each week focuses on introducing a new habit through different challenges which we discuss and review non a weekly basis. We are personally here to walk the path with you, and tailor the service following your own pace.

How ketOntrack optimises health

We believe we can measure health in a simple way. The energy we have, how we feel and the cravings we experience.
Our services are designed to optimize health so that our clients have a flexible metabolism and are full of energy. We also believe that learning is real power so even people who think are healthy can get a new perspective to what real health is. ketOntrack will challenge many of your beliefs and hopefully unlock  new potential to what one can achieve in life.

  • We help you gain the right knowledge and experience the right practices. Learning is power.
  • By taking a holistic approach to health , and looking into four main pillars to optimize your performance. Nutrition, sleep, strength and mind
  • By improving wellness key markers . Be full of energy , feel good, have no cravings

At ketOntrack changing habits is what we do!

Why is this important? Everything we do is around a habit. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning, relaxing with Netflix, exercising.
A lot of people say changing is about commitment. Just do it!  But this is wrong. Discipline suggests will-power. Which means our brain has to focus and spends a lot of energy in performing this task. And when the conditions are not absolute right it is very difficult to repeat and maintain a certain activity.

On the other hand habits are low key activities engraved into our brain. Even people with brain damage / amnesia have habits since they are almost automatic.
This is why we  don’t believe what we offer is just a health program. Because programs usually have a finite duration. What we offer is to help you introduce the right habits into your lifestyle. Forever.

Take for example snacking. It could be that one snacks because of stress, lack of sleep, hypoglycemia, hunger, need for social connection.
In order to change that habit the person needs to become aware which will lead to realisation of what he really needs. He then is powered with the knowledge why a change of direction is the best option. We help him/her experience a new routine. This repetition builds the belief. And finally we are there to help you when you stumble across to problems and keep you going


And we strongly believe that the foundation for every habit is four-fold:

1. The CueThe reason and trigger for wanting a certain habit
2. The RoutineA repetitive action
3. The RewardThe achievement that comes with a certain habit, the expected outcome.
4. The BelieveUnderstanding why we do what we do will turn into conviction which then will turn into belief. This belief will be the driving factor to sustain a (new) habit over time



Important readings before you start

We know you are eager to start, but before we start with the first week, it is quite important to read through some documents and fill-out some forms to ensure that we get a good understanding of who you are and how we can help. Additionally it is important that you understand what we can or can’t offer as part of the program and why we expect certain products to be bought.


All the series are quite intense so you will need to commit to yourself making your life transformation a priority. You will need to put aside some time on a daily basis to keep a log, read provided content, plan your meals and more. Showing a personal interest into every detail of the program and tracking all required aspects of your life is the key to success.


It is important to know that every series has a similar structure unless stated otherwise. A series consists of 6 weeks with weekly objectives. Every week (on Day 1) you will have a weekly online meeting with your coach at a mutually agreed day and time. During the meeting the objectives of the previous week will be reviewed and the next steps will be discussed. The content and objectives for the next week will be made available via email the day before.


There are certain products which we consider mandatory for you to purchase to be able to track your habits and progress. ketOntrack is affiliated with some of these products but the reason we will be suggesting them is because we believe them to be the best in the market and we personally use them. These are investments to yourself so the cost is negligible to the benefits you will get. 

Disclaimers and Policies

Please read our disclaimers and policies carefully 

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