Keto Wellness




21-25 September 2023

At Hidden Hill Naxos, Greece

Nutrition & Fasting

A nutritional dense diet & balance is all your body need. Interactive cooking with fresh local products


Understand what exercise is right for you. Try out Yoga and more


Regenerate your body & mind every day

Relax & Explore

Have fun and explore the magic gems of the island

A unique experience around keto, fitness, health and biohacking.


We are delighted to host an exclusive retreat for you. A unique experience around keto, fitness, health and an overall healthy lifestyle.

You will practice intermittent fasting, the keto diet, enjoy the local cuisine, day excursions, and learn techniques on how to improve mind body connection and general wellbeing. You will also experience the power of connecting with nature and how to biohack your life with the help of our collaborators Bahe and FlexBeam.

If that sounds all too much do not worry. If you are new to keto or fasting, this is the perfect event, as you will have the opportunity to clarify all your questions by people who are experts on the field. If you are already a veteran in some of the areas we will cover in the retreat you will also have the opportunity to take a holistic approach to your lifestyle and consider what are maybe some areas that you can improve on.

The retreat will take place in Naxos, Greece and a magnificent estate which represents everything we stand for. HiddenHillNaxos is located on a hidden hilltop, with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the islands. Modern architecture, simplicity and nature set up an authentic slow living getaway.


I am a certified N1 Precision Nutritional coach, EREPS Personal Trainer and founder of ketOntrack. I am passionate about health and helping people around the world to get back on track.

“I am personally engaged with all the people who trust me to help them change their lifestyle, throughout their journey to gain the experience, knowledge and belief to support their life-transforming habits.


As a coach, I believe having more energy and feeling better are key for going after your goals. To achieve this, I take a holistic approach to health based on 5 pillars and always in a step-by-step approach.

I have been doing keto for almost a decade now and have been coaching clients to experience the same benefits that I got from this lifestyle. On the way I have learned, changed, adjusted and revised many of my thoughts and beliefs about nutrition. 


Join me in September and I will share with with you all my experiences that transformed my life and so many others too.


I am Debora (53) from The Netherlands, and I will be your Keto Wellness coach. 

The healthy keto diet and fasting changed my life in such an amazing way that, besides my job as a writer, I just have to pass on my health experiences to others. I would love to coach you on your personal health journey, share my experiences and how powerful keto can be also for you.

Do you want a kick start for less kilos and more energy, feeling younger for longer? 

Spending time among like-minded is the best way to start. During the retreat we will discuss about everything you have in mind, we will cook together and have lots fun.

Space & Tranquility


  • 5 days / 4 nights stay at Hidden Hill Naxos
  • Intermittent Fasting schedule with 2-meals a day
  • Interactive Cooking
  • Dinner at quality restaurants with various options
  • Daily interactive discussions on health and nutrition 
  • Daily breathing practices, yoga and Zone 2 running 
  • Try out calisthenics and get a fitness assessment
  • Mini Healing programme with FlexBeam
  • Tryout the Bahe grounding shoes
  • Group pick up and drop off at airport/port and transportation to the events
  • Fruit and more available throughout the day 
  • Yoga equipment
  • Wine Tour with Philema Food Tours
  • Goodie bags
  • Optional massage (at extra cost)
* The schedule may vary and the participants will have a choice of options. The intent is that you have a great time but also relax.

Accomodation and Prices

Spaces are limited and all prices are per person. Flights and ferry tickets are not included in the retreat prices mentioned.

Shared | double room with sea view

Shared accommodation in a double room with one double bed with its own bathroom, veranda and private entrance. 
€ 1790 per person 

Shared | twin room with sea view

Shared accommodation in a twin bed room with two single beds, its own bathroom, veranda and private entrance. 
€  1890 per person

Single room with sea view

Single accommodation in the master bedroom (or the double room bedroom) with one double bed with its own bathroom, veranda and private entrance.
€ 1990 per person

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