Is a low-carb diet healthy?



Is a low-carb diet healthy?

Are you one of those people that think that a low-carb , high-fat diet is unhealthy, even strange and that we are not meant to eat it?

This could not be further from the truth and I am sure this article I will convince you that a low-carb lifestyle is not only healthy, it is the easiest way to be healthy! It is also the preferred state of the body and that’s why people doing keto have great energy levels. 

We all know that reducing sugar from our diet is very beneficial but what most people don’t know is that all carbs turn into sugar.  Especially refined, processed carbs.

And these carbs, like white bread for example, spike our insulin sky-high as if we were eating sugar. This spike will create a rush of energy for an hour or two  but afterwards it can cause cravings and tiredness. 

In the long run, and after years of overdoing it (like most people these days) the body can’t handle this roller-coaster and sugar levels get out of control and you end-up with all sort of issues like diabetes.

We have already talked (here) how important etting all your nutrients on a daily basis is for optimal health. 

And the fact is that getting all your nutrients from carbs is very difficult. This because 

  • Most nutrients are not bio-available in plants. 

Spinach is the best example. We all think it is full of iron, but the fact is that we don’t absorb almost any of it. Carbs are very low in nutrient density which will make you over-eat, feel bloated and after a few hours be hungry again.

  • Most carbs are very high in anti-nutrients

Most carbs contain a high amount of anti-nutrients that block the absorption of nutrients and can be very toxic and inflammatory.

Consider again white bread, which is contains gluten. Gluten is a protein which we can’t digest and which will cause inflammation to our gut and eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome. 

Spinach can have similar effect since it very high in oxalates, while most beans are very high in lectins and phytic acid and when soaked for 12 hours they are very difficult to digest.

Bottom-line is that is very difficult to get the nutrients you need from carbs.

Healthy fats is what our body needs

On the other hand increasing our healthy fat intake is very beneficial for the body since the body depends on them for many things. Fats are essential for health and we need fats for brain function, temperature regulation, vitamin absorption, creation of hormones and many more.

  • Vitamins : Did you know that saturated fat like butter is full of nutrients, like vitamin-A, D, E, K? 
  • Hormones : Cholesterol found in fat is a precursor for all hormone production
  • Omega-3 contains DHA and EPA required for proper brain function.
  • Weight Loss : Healthy fats are nutrient dense, promote satiety and help you lose body fat!
  • Lower inflammation : A low-carb, ketogenic diet will help in fixing high sugar issues and lower inflammation.
  • Healthy Skin : Fat is required to healthy skin.
  • Fat is the preferred energy (ATP) source of our cells and they produce 10 times energy more in a fat-burning state than in the presence of carbs. That is why being in ketosis (i.e in fat burning mode) give you some much energy and clarity of mind.

For a healthy diet look for a balance similar to the below 

  • 30% protein from meat, organs, fish and eggs.
  • 50% fat  from fatty meat, fatty fish, eggs, while use extra-virgin olive oil in  salads and butter/ghee for cooking.
  • 20% low-carb veggies like cauliflower, cucumber, squash, lettuce and once in a while (if you are metabolically healthy) some seasonal fruit.

How simple is that?

  • Carbs turn into sugar and the more refined they are the higher you spike your insulin while getting very little of the nutrients you need a daily basis.
  • Healthy fats are essential for our health, and the preferred energy source of our body.
  • If you want to start your journey and get your life back on track check out the Ketontrack Nutritional Series

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