My first week!

Ioanna Leousi

Hi, I’m Ioanna! I have lost (and gained) weight several times so far, and I felt ready to try a different approach. I will be blogging here regularly about my experiences with a ketogenic diet, sharing the highs and the lows, the wins and the disappointments. This is my first post.

I started a week ago.
The pleasant surprise was that, while earlier I ate a lot, and often unhealthy/low quality food, I was able to adjust quickly to the new diet, from the very first day. Normally, when I haven’t eaten for a while, I get cravings for food and if I don’t have something to eat I feel dizzy and it’s like I’m about to faint. This time though, I did not feel hungry despite the reduction in calories and the extended periods without food. As a result of the diet, I managed to lose 2.8kg in a week. On the other hand, food has always been one of the major pleasures of life for me, in particular desserts and carb-based foods. Forgoing all of the foods that give me pleasure gives me a feeling of emptiness and deprives me of the little slices of happiness that dotted otherwise drab days. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather not eat at all rather than have yet another salad. I’m still trying to make exercise and diet a part of my daily life, and so far I’ve been unable to invest the time and effort needed to prepare more pleasing meals.

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