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Working with Panagiotis has been a great experience. He has a deep understanding of how nutrition affects not just weight but also health and overall well-being: for me, being able to see the big picture has been a major motivator. Since I started, I haven’t just lost weight but my sleep has improved, my energy levels are higher and I just feel better during the day. Panagiotis never said it was going to be easy, but he provided the structure and support that I needed to stay with it and get results.


What an experience, first I had my doubts if I will be able to follow all the nutritional guidelines, but with the phased approach it was really easy and a very rewarding experience.


Going through many years of malnutrition, Panagiotis’ help was important. I felt tremendous change in my physical condition and energy levels. I can’t say I’ve lost many kilos yet as my body is still resisting change but i am sure i will reach my goal on my own pace. With Ketontrack I realized  the importance to change attitude, that you can live  without sugar and to pay attention to the quality of food.


After six weeks in the program I can tell you that Panagiotis is my life saver! Not only because I have been losing weight, but mainly because I have started eating properly, learned how to recognize the amount of protein, fat and carbs in each food, learned how to avoid all packaged foods and also because I feel so much healthier.


A big THANKS to Panagiotis and KetOntrack for introducing me to a new way of life!

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