A quick and easy 2 minute Mayonnaise recipe.. Lets get going !!!!



Take a blender jar. Start with a whole egg and blend it for about 20 seconds. Using the egg yolk will give Mayo a thicker consistency. Add lemon juice and salt (I prefer rock salt) and blend the mixture for another 20 seconds. Then comes the oil. I would suggest using a light one with no strong flavour. Do not use extra virgin olive oil. You need a healthy option that’s light in flavour, so light olive oil works well. Also a very good option is avocado oil. While blending, remember to slowly add in the oil, in drops. This is really important. If you were to put it all together, you’d have a mayonnaise disaster.

Your mayo is done when all the ingredients are incorporated well and the final consistency is thick and creamy.

Taste your mayo and adjust salt, add seasonings or herbs as per your taste.

Enjoy 😊

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  1. love homemade mayo! I also like to mix in lot of herbs, just to add to the taste.

    I would actually only use the yolk of an egg, but guess that is personal preference 🙂

  2. Great to hear and many thanks for your suggestions 🙂
    Use of egg yolk will make the mayo richer
    And herbs will surely enhance the flavour !

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