High cholesterol on a ketogenic diet


High cholesterol on a ketogenic diet

The below video from Dr. Paul Mason explains what it means to have High Cholesterol when doing a Keto lifestyle

Should you be concerned with your cholesterol levels? In very simple terms, no. The myth of having high levels of cholesterol and LDL increases the risk of cardiovascular decease is now debanked. Cholesterols is one of the key foundational compounds for many critical function such as creating many of our hormones.

Of-course it is important to consider your lifestyle choices. Having a high LDL when following a high-carb diet this can be an area of concern that needs to be addressed as the LDL is likely to be oxidized. 

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t be afraid of cholesterol !
  • Check your lipids in a detailed lipid blood panel to determine the oxidation levels of LDL

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